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Shaun Murphy

Claire Browne: Does she know you're going there because she is going there?

Shaun Murphy: I'm not. Lea makes me happy.

Claire Browne: Well, Lea's not the only one that can do that. I'm gonna miss you.

Lea: Dr. Glassman is just trying to help you.

Shaun Murphy: I don't want help.

Lea: But what if... you need help?

Shaun Murphy: How will I know if I stay?

Shaun Murphy: Why would I make people nervous?

Dr. Ko: 'Cause you have a gift. And surgeons judge themselves against their peers, and right now, you're winning.


Lea: No more conference calls. No more never-ending meetings. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is, uh... is moving.

Shaun Murphy: Why would you move?

Lea: Because that's where the shop that I'm gonna work at is. I got the Striped Tomato. My brother, Donny, got Grandpa Rod's shop in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It's been over a year, but every time I drive his car, I... keep thinking... "You know, I don't need a more impressive title or $1 million." He would take me fishing in Alaska every summer, skiing every winter break. I haven't taken more than one day off in four years because I always work. It never stops. And just taking this trip with you made me realize I, uh... I want to enjoy my life, you know?

Lea: My Grandpa Rod died last year, and he left me his most prized possession.

Shaun Murphy: It's the S-Striped Tomato.

Lea: Oh, my God. You like "Starsky & Hutch"?

Shaun Murphy: It's okay.

Lea: A meticulous packer and a "Starsky & Hutch" fan. Grandpa Rod would have loved you.


Shaun Murphy: I... I want to make my own decisions.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, can you keep your voice down, please? Please?

Shaun Murphy: You... You cannot keep ordering me around, okay? You're not my father!

Shaun Murphy: What was therapy like?

Bobby Otto: Pretty basic, bro. She'd tell me what to do, how to deal with my parents.

Shaun Murphy: Was it helpful?

Bobby Otto: I don't know. I never did anything she told me to do.

Shaun Murphy: Is that an option?

Bobby Otto: Doing whatever the hell you feel like doing is always an option.

Shaun Murphy: Lea.

Lea: Yes, Shaun?

Shaun Murphy: You look absurd in that sweater.

Lea: I have apples. Do you want an apple?

Shaun Murphy: I don't want a stranger helping me.

Aaron Glassman: I know, Shaun. But... And I can't... I can't always be there. I-I... I can't always help you the way you need to be helped, the way you deserve to be helped.

Shaun Murphy: I don't want a stranger helping me.

Lea: You're hiring a housekeeper for a studio apartment?

Shaun Murphy: I'm not hiring her. Her clothes don't match.

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