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Castiel: A nephilim is come into being. It's the offspring of an angel and a human.

Dean Winchester: And that's big news?

Castiel: Yes, but the power to produce this is immense. It's much, much greater than a typical angel.

Sam Winchester: Lucifer...

Dean Winchester: W-- Lucifer? I didn't know he was dating.

Sam Winchester (to Dean): Lucifer was bad enough when he had a plan, a motive. Now he's just having fun. I mean, how many people died tonight? Them, this, it's all on us. We let him out. We're not winning. We're just losing slow.

Sam Winchester: You and God made up. You forgave him. What would he think?

Lucifer: I'm not especially interested in his opinion. Dear old dad, he finally apologized for abandoning me. And what's the very next thing he does? He ditches me. And you, too, by the way. And rides off into the sunset with Auntie Amara. He needed my help, and he'd say anything to get it. His words, your words, they mean nothing. Don't you get it? This is all meaningless. Heaven, Hell, this world. If it ever meant anything, that moment is past. Nothing down here but a bunch of hopeless distraction addicts, so filled with emptiness, so desperate to fill up the void... they don't mind being served another stale rerun of a rerun of a rerun. You know what my plan is? I don't have one. I'm just gonna keep on smashing Daddy's already broken toys and make you watch.

Castiel (about Lucifer): Well, the only way you'll clear that crowd without drawing fire is if he's otherwise engaged.

Dean Winchester: Engaged in what, Cas? Killing you?

Sam Winchester: Cas, you'll last... three minutes tops.

Castiel: Then I'll buy you three minutes.

Crowley (joins): Make it four. What? I help.

Dean Winchester: Jody, you watching some kind of chick flick here?

Jody Mills: Well, Dean, I'm a chick.

Dean Winchester: No. No, no, you're... you're a badass sheriff chick. You're not a-a Rom com chick. Wait, are you a Rom com chick?

Jody Mills: Are you?

Sam Winchester: He's more of a, uh... animated Japanese erotica chick.

Dean Winchester: I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I think that entitles me to free drinks for the rest of my life. I'm gonna get t-shirts made.

Sam Winchester: You know no one's gonna believe you, right?

Dean Winchester: But you believe me. You were there.

Sam Winchester: Dean... (Dean drops antique ship model) Dude...

Dean Winchester: Don't say it.

Sam Winchester: May--maybe let's not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not?