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Sam Winchester: So, when Chuck... God said "This is the End," I guess this is what he meant.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, well. Screw him. He's been playing us this entire time. Just when we thought we had a choice. You know, whenever we thought we had free will. We were just rats in a maze. Sure, we could go left. Sure, we could go right. But we were still in the damn maze.


Sam Winchester: We are...

Belphegor: The Winchesters. Uh, I know. I read the papers.

Dean Winchester: You have newspapers in Hell?

Belphegor: Yeah, the Wi-Fi sucks.


(Jo stares a while at Sam trying to give him a hint...)

Sam Winchester: Oh, yeah, um, I've gotta... Uh... Uh... I gotta go... over there. Right now.

Jo Harvelle: So? Ahem....

Dean Winchester: So?

Jo Harvelle: Am I gonna see you again?

Dean Winchester: Do you want to?

Jo Harvelle: I wouldn't hate it.


(Dean ghost watching John and Sam arguing...)

John Winchester: This demon killed your mother. Killed your girlfriend. You begged me to be part of this hunt. Now if you killed that damn thing when you had the chance, none of this would've happened.

Sam Winchester: It was possessing you, Dad. I would've killed you too!

John Winchester: Yeah, and your brother would be awake right now!

Dean Winchester: Shut up. Both of you! (they can't hear him)

Sam Winchester: Go to hell.

John Winchester: I should've never taken you along in the first place. I knew it was a mistake.

Dean Winchester: I said shut up! (breaks a glass of water) Dude, I full-on Swayze'd that mother.


Bobby Singer: Normal year, I hear of... say, three demonic possessions. Maybe four, tops. This year, I heard of 27 so far. You get what I'm saying? More and more demons are walking among us. A lot more.

Sam Winchester: Do you know why?

Bobby Singer: No, but I know it's something big. Storm's coming. And you boys and your daddy... you are smack in the middle of it.


Sam Winchester: We've been searching for this demon our whole lives. It's the only thing we've ever cared about.

Dean Winchester: Sam, I wanna waste it. I do. Okay? But it's not worth dying over.

Sam Winchester: What?

Dean Winchester: I mean it. If hunting this demon means you getting yourself killed... I hope we never find the damn thing.

Sam Winchester: That thing killed Jess. That thing killed Mom.

Dean Winchester: You said yourself once... that no matter what we do, they're gone. And they're never coming back.

Sam Winchester: Don't you say that. Not you. Not after all this. Don't you say that.

Dean Winchester: Sam, look... the three of us... that's all we have. And it's all I have. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely holding it together, man. And without you or Dad, I...


Sam Winchester: Hey, Dad? Whatever happened to that college fund?

John Winchester: Spent it on ammo.

(They both laugh)


John Winchester: Sammy. I don't think I ever told you this... but the day you were born, you know what I did? I put a hundred bucks into a savings account for you. I did the same thing for your brother. It was a college fund. And every month, I'd put in another $100 until.... Anyway, my point is, Sam... that this was never the life that I wanted for you.

Sam Winchester: Then why did you get so mad when I left?

John Winchester: You gotta understand something. After your mother passed... all I saw was evil. Everywhere. And all I cared about was... Was keeping you boys alive. I wanted you... prepared. Ready. See, somewhere along the line, I... I stopped being your father... and I... I became your... Your drill sergeant. So when you said that you wanted to go away to school... all I could think about, my only thought was... that you were gonna be alone. Vulnerable. Sammy, it just... It never occurred to me what you wanted. I just couldn't accept the fact that you and me, we're just different.


John Winchester: You left. Your brother and me, we needed you. You walked away. You walked away.

Sam Winchester: You're the one who said, "Don't come back.", Dad. You're the one who closed that door. You were just pissed off you couldn't control me anymore.


(Sam and Sarah are looking for salt or iron...)

Sam Winchester: What house doesn't have salt? Low-sodium freaks.


Sam Winchester: It's just that when people are around me.... I don't know, they get hurt.

Sarah Blake: What do you mean?

Sam Winchester: I mean, like, physically hurt. With what my brother and I do, it's.... Sarah... I had a girlfriend. And she died. And my mom died too. I don't know, it's like... It's like I'm cursed or something. Like death just follows me around.