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Dean Winchester (to Jack): You can slow down, you know. That stuff's not gonna disappear.

Sam Winchester: Ever seen you eat, Dean?

Dean Winchester: This is a bad idea. We should've just kept driving.

Sam Winchester: Dude... you were hallucinating sheep on the road. We need a few hours.

Sam Winchester (to Jack): You say thank you. And you say you're sorry. You hope they're somewhere without, uh, sadness or pain. You hope they're somewhere better. You say goodbye.

Dean Winchester: Well, goodbye, Cas. Goodbye, Kelly. Goodbye, Crowley. Goodbye, Mom.

Jack: My mother, she said Castiel, he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place. That's... that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. I... That's why I had to grow up fast. That's why I chose him to be my father. Where is he?

Sam Winchester: He's dead.

Sam Winchester: What about Cas? Is he... is he really dead?

Dean Winchester: You know he is.

Sam Winchester: We're up against it. And we've all been up against it before and we know there are times when every choice sucks. Us lying to Dean is the choice that sucks the least.

Sam Winchester (to Castiel): Here's all I know... Going it alone, that's no way to live. You being there for her, even if she thinks she doesn't want you to be there for her, that's good for both of you.

Sam Winchester (to Claire): Hunting monsters doesn't exactly pay the bills.

Sam Winchester (to Claire): In this line of work, death isn't always goodbye.

Sam Winchester: We've got work to do.

Sam Winchester (to Dean): Yo, Sammy is a chubby 12-year-old. But Sam...

Sam Winchester: You think mom would have wanted this for us? The weapon training and melting the silver into bullets? Man, Dean, we were raised like warriors.

Dean Winchester: So, what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna live some normal, apple pie life? Is that it?

Sam Winchester: No, not normal. Safe.

Sam Winchester: Are you saying if you died and I drove your car, you’d kill me?

Dean Winchester: If you stunk her up with taquitos, probably.