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Dean Winchester: There you go.

Sam Winchester: Thanks. (sniffs his shirt) Dude, quit ironing my shirts with beer!

Sam Winchester (praying to God): Dean and I, we’ve been through a lot of bad, but this is different. This is my fault, and I don’t know how to fix it. And if I have to die, I’ve made my peace with that, but please Dean deserves better. Dean deserves a life.

Billie: It’s over.

Sam Winchester: What’s over?

Billie: You and Dean dying and coming back again and again. The old Death thought it was funny, but now there is one hard fast rule in this universe. What lives, dies.

Sam Winchester (to Dean): This kill first, questions later, what happened to us? Hunting things, we’re good at that, sure. We’re great at that. But that’s only half of the bumper sticker…

Sam Winchester (gives family photos to Dean): Take these and one day, when you find your way back, let these be your guide. They can help you remember what it was to be good, what it was to love.

Dean Winchester: We track evil and kill it, the family business, is that it? Look at the tape, Sam. Evil tracks us. It nukes everything in our vicinity, our family, our friends, it’s time we put a proper name to what we really are and deal with it.

Sam Winchester: We are not evil. We’re far from perfect, but we are good. That thing on your arm is evil, but not you. Not me. You’ll never ever hear me say that you, the real you, is anything but good.

Dean Winchester: The Darkness.

Sam Winchester: What the hell is that?

Dean Winchester: Does it sound like a good thing?

Sam Winchester (to Castiel): The only way I know how to save my brother is to cure the Mark. I know there will be consequences, but not you, not Dean, not anybody can tell me what those consequences are? So I’m not gonna let my brother destroy himself on a guess. We save Dean.

Sam Winchester (to Crowley): Maybe everyone else forgot about all the bad you’ve done, but I haven’t. I have watched you kill people, innocent people, people I cared about, people I loved. Yeah, you have the accent and the suit and the snark, but at the end of it you are a monster.

Sam Winchester: I’m saving my brother.

Sam Winchester: Dean, you’re all I’ve got. So of course I was gonna fight for you, because that’s what we do.

Sam Winchester: Charlie, we’re gonna miss you. You were the best. And I’m so sorry…

Dean Winchester: Shut up. You got her killed, you don’t get to apologize. You want to know what I think? I think it should be you up there and not her.

Dean Winchester: We'll figure something else out. And if that doesn't work, then we'll move on to next, and then whatever's after that. We just keep working, 'cause it's what we do.

Sam Winchester: It feels really good to hear you talk like that again.

Sam Winchester: It's good to see you smile.

Dean Winchester: Well, I said I needed a big win. We got Cas back. That's a pretty damn big win.