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Dean Winchester: That was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. And that includes the Cartwright twins.

Castiel: What did you do with the Cartwright twins?

Dean Winchester: Oh. (laughs) I'll be right back.

Sam Winchester: I don't think I wanna know.

Dean Winchester: We do the same thing. We go to spooky places, we solve mysteries, we fight ghosts.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, except our ghosts don't wear masks, and we don't have a talking dog.

Dean Winchester: I don't know. I mean, Cas is kind of like a talking dog.

Dean Winchester: Okay, look, are we animated? Yes. Is it weird? Yes.

Sam Winchester: It's beyond weird.

Dean Winchester: Well, and "beyond weird" is kind of our thing. So whatever happened, we'll figure it out. This is a case, so let's work it.

Sam Winchester: How?

Dean Winchester: Same as always. We drive.

Sam Winchester: What the hell was that? I mean, we rolled into town because people were seeing a lizard monster. And yes, we tracked it back here, but no way did I think we'd end up...

Dean Winchester: Killing Barney?

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: Was pretty satisfying, though, wasn't it?

Sam Winchester: You think we could ever change things? I mean, really change things? You know, stop all the monsters, all the bad?

Dean Winchester: That would be nice.

Sam Winchester: Yeah. So what are you thinkin'? Think that'll work?

Dean Winchester: I have faith.

Rowena: You really thought afterall that, I was going to try to kill you?

Sam Winchester: Yeah, you double-crossed us.

Rowena: Triple-cross, actually. So I ended up on your side, and we defeated the villains, just as I planned.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, not buying that.

Rowena: Before he crushed my skull, Lucifer showed me his face. His true face. I'm scared, Sam. All the time.

Sam Winchester: I've seen it, too, what he really looks like behind... behind whatever vessel. It... Yeah, still keeps me up at night.

Rowena: Are you very sure I can't just enslave some townsfolk and make them take us to the girls?

Sam Winchester: I'm very sure you can, but I'm also very sure you shouldn't.

Rowena: Bless your precious heart, you just described my entire life.

Rowena: One more thing. Where's my son? (A moment later...) Fergus is dead?

Sam Winchester: Yep.

Dean Winchester: Killed himself for us.

Rowena: That doesn't sound like him.

Sam Winchester: Right, well, Fergus, uh, uh... Crowley, um, he had changed a lot. You'd have been proud of him.

Rowena: Is that so? Fergus was my only child. And I promise you, I'd much rather have a living son, even one that hated me, than a dead hero.