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Castiel: So you'll help us, then?

Rowena: Good God, no. That whole FBI pantsuit look? Not my hex bag. But if you get Lucifer cornered and find yourself in need, I'm there.

Lucifer: You can't destroy me!

Rowena: Not yet, but I can send you far, far away. Try finding a new vessel at the bottom of the bloody ocean.

Rowena: I-I-I'd help, I would, but I don't have the Book of the Damned. I lost it.

Lucifer: You know damned well where you put it. Did you see what I did there? "Damned."

Crowley: What's the bloody hold-up? He's the one and only Satan in the phonebook.

Rowena: It's witchcraft, not Google Maps.

Rowena (to Crowley): You're like a boil that keeps coming back no matter how many times I have it lanced.

(Rowena is on a date with Ben...)

Rowena: Sent me to the grandest boarding schools, but I was a wee imp and ran away for a life in the arts. Mother didn't speak to me until I became a star.

Ben: A star? Of?

Rowena: Uh, do you follow the Royal Ballet?

Ben: Not a bit.

Rowena: The Royal Ballet.

Rowena (to Charlie): I read you the minute I saw you and I'm sure you're learning that the line between good and evil is quite flexible. But we part company when it comes to blind devotion, case in point, the Winchesters. You've made them the family you don't have. Foolish.

Rowena (to Charlie): You're young and good and I'm ancient and evil, is that it? Let me tell you about you. A difficult and lonely childhood, tragedy, absent parents, always outside the mainstream, sexually progressive, living in your own head for solace and direction.

Rowena (to Charlie): That miraculous machine of yours hasn't solved everything by now? Overrated, I'd say.

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