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Portia Featherington (about Lord Debling): Where is he going? What have you done?

Penelope Featherington (crying): That is your question? Not am I well? Do I only matter to you if I have a lord's engagement ring on my finger?

Portia Featherington: Penelope... you have spent your pin money changing your clothes, your hair, and it has had the desired effect. Lord Debling is a bird in the hand, and a very fine bird at that. Do not become greedy in your success. What more could you want? Oh, do not tell me you're holding out for love. Ugh! This is the very reason why I discouraged you from reading. Love is make-believe. It is only in your storybooks. Do you know what is romantic? Security. Be smart, Penelope. And if you will not be, then I will be for you.

Philipa Featherington: Alby and I lay together before we arrived.

Portia Featherington: Just lower your voice! Not here. (They go to an empty room...) And what about you? Did you two...

Prudence Featherington: We began. I simply... I do not enjoy it.

Portia Featherington: A woman's pleasure is somewhat more subtle than a man's. You see, when he... inserts himself...

Philipa Featherington: Inserts himself? Inserts himself where?

Portia Featherington: What on earth do you and Mr. Finch do?

Philipa Featherington: We kiss, and then he makes an odd sound, and he goes to change his breeches.

Prudence Featherington: His breeches remain on?

Philipa Featherington: Of course.

Portia Featherington (to herself): Why must I be punished over and over?

Portia Featherington (to Pen): I take comfort in knowing that you will always be here to take care of me.

Portia Featherington: Nothing makes the ton come alive like a fresh scandal.

Jack Featherington: All eyes and ears seem to be open for the freshest detail. I suppose all we must do now is redirect their attention.

Prudence Featherington: I was wondering if, perhaps after dinner, I might display my singing voice for everyone?

Portia Featherington: Oh, dear Lord.

Portia Featherington is a character from Bridgerton

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Bridgerton Quotes

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