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Peik Lin Goh (to Rachel): Good for you! Walking away from Nick and his family's fat-ass property portfolio. You have no one, no net worth, but you have integrity. That's why I respect you.

Rachel Chu: She's like trying to play a game of chicken with me. Where she's like coming at me, and thinking I'm going to swerve like a chicken.

Peik Lin Goh: But you can't swerve.

Rachel Chu: I'm not gonna swerve. Not for her.

Peik Lin Goh: No. Chickens are b*tches, dude!

Rachel Chu: And I'm not a chicken.

Peik Lin Goh: You're not a chicken. You're gonna roll up to that wedding, you're gonna be like, "Bak-bak, b*tch!"

Rachel Chu: Bak-bak, b*tch!

Peik Lin Goh (yells): Chickens are b*tches!

Peik Lin Goh (about Eleanor): Gosh, she's so badass. You know, I bet if you told her you'd leave Nick for a million dollars, she will write that check. They do that around here.

Rachel Chu: And she looked at me like I was nothing.

Peik Lin Goh: Like a $10 million check. I feel like she would do that.

Rachel Chu: I don't even know what I should do. I mean, I can't even tell Nick because he like worships her.

Peik Lin Goh: Yeah, Chinese sons think their moms fart Chanel No. 5.

(Guard appears out of nowhere)

Peik Lin Goh: Hello, sir. How are you? We're here for the party, and we're... We come in peace.

Rachel Chu: Do you know where the Young family house is? Nicholas Young? I'm Rachel Chu. I'm here to go to his family dinner.

Peik Lin Goh: Uh, Rachel Chu for the list. If there is a list. He's on the phone. He's on the phone. Is that a gun knife? It's a knife gun. (another guard appears) Okay, and there's a friend. Hi! Very nice to... We can go through? We're going through? Okay. Don't stab the car. Okay. Okay, okay. Thank you, bye!

Peik Lin Goh: Are you sure you gave me the right address? The GPS says there's, like, nothing here. Like, literally nothing.

Rachel Chu: I don't know why we're here. I mean, I put in the exact address.

Peik Lin Goh: You copied and you pasted it?

Rachel Chu: Yeah.

Peik Lin Goh: Did you just copy and paste "jungle" and just kind of threw it in there?

Peik Lin Goh: Rachel, these people aren't just rich, okay? They're crazy rich. Look. (picks up a handbag with a map of Asia print on it) There's new money all over Asia. We got the Beijing billionaires, the Taiwan tycoons... But the Young family, they're old-money rich. They had money when they left China in the 1800s. And they went all the way down here. Not there... Here. They came to Singapore when there was nothing but jungle and pig farmers. There was a snake here, eating an apple. You know what I mean? And they built all of this. Now, they're the landlords of the most expensive city in the world. Here you go. These people are so posh and snobby, they're snoshy.

Peik Lin Goh: You're going to Nick's grandma's house wearing this? Wearing that?

Rachel Chu: Yeah, I thought red was a lucky color, right?

Wye Mun Goh: Yeah. If you're an envelope.

Peik Lin's mother: We were inspired by the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

Peik Lin Goh: And Donald Trump's bathroom.

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