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Osha: You have to go back. We have to go back.

Sol: No, no, we can't.

Osha: We must.

Sol: There is nothing back there. You'll be safe on Coruscant. And, if you wish, you will train as my Padawan. (Osha hugs him) You're going to be okay, Osha. You will never feel like this again. I promise.

Mother Aniseya: Destiny is not decided for you by an anonymous Force. You get to make a choice, Osha. If you want to pull the Thread, then pull it.

Osha: I'll never see you again?

Mother Aniseya: You won't. Fear should not make this decision, Osha. You should.

Osha: I want to be a Jedi, Mama. I do.

Sol: You must have the courage to say what you want.

Osha: I want to be a Jedi.

Sol: Then you must have the courage to tell the truth.

Osha: Don't you wonder what could be out there? Besides Brendok?

Mae: No.

Osha: Why not?

Mae: Everything I need is here.

Mae: You are with me. I am with you. Oshie! I am with you?

Osha: Always one, but born as two.

Mae: As above sits the stars... and below lies the sea... I give you you...

Osha: And you give me me.

Osha: I'm a meknek.

Jecki Lon: Wow. That's dangerous. I thought that only R2 droids did the outer ship work.

Osha: Well, any astromech can do the job. But I'm better company than a droid. And, um, way more flexible. (Pip doesn't agree) I'm sorry, Pip. Uh... Pip is also very flexible.

Neimoidian Captain: What is taking so long? Activate the shield immediately.

Other Neimoidian: Uh... The, uh, mekneks are on it, Captain.

Neimoidian Captain: The grease grubbers are disposable. Our cargo is not.

Osha (from outside): You know, we can hear you... And, uh, frankly, I'm hurt. Because, Fillik is clearly disposable, but me on the other hand, come on.

Fillik: Very funny.

Fillik: Osha! Why didn't you come out last night? You missed a wild trip to Nar Shaddaa with the piloting crew.

Osha: Oh, yeah?

Fillik: Yeah.

Osha: What I do with my days off is none of your business, Fillik.

Fillik: Ah! No rest for the wicked?

Osha: No, the wicked rest. They just don't... brag about it.

Mae: The Jedi are bad.

Osha: The Jedi are good.

Mother Aniseya: This isn't about good or bad. This is about power and who is allowed to use it.

Verosha Aniseya is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Osha in the series The Acolyte.


Osha, full name Verosha Aniseya, is the main character in the Star Wars series The Acolyte. She is a former padawan, now working as a meknek. She is a twin sister of Mae-ho Aniseya.


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