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Miranda Bailey: Keep your pager on. I might need you in a while. And, hey, take off those scrubs before you come here next time. What's wrong with you?

(Dr. Schmitt "Glasses" runs away) Later...

Levi Schmitt: I'm sorry, Dr. Bailey. I have to speak because I have to believe we live in an age where I can speak the truth to those in power over me.

Miranda Bailey: What?

Levi Schmitt: I don't know what it is we're doing, but it does not feel good to me. It's too much tubing and corks and secrecy in your bedroom. It does not feel good, and I do not feel safe here.

Miranda Bailey: No. Oh... No! I... I'm making my prototype. For the contest entry!

Bailey's mother: Mandy? Are you still there? Miranda, what's wrong?

Miranda Bailey: I'm hurt, Mom. I-I got hurt. I had a heart attack. And it was scary. But I'm okay. I had surgery. And I'm going to be okay.

Bailey's mother: I know. I know you are. You are my Mandy.

Miranda Bailey: Just promise me one thing. Build me a tree house.

Ben Warren: I'm guessing those pain meds are working.

Miranda Bailey: Steal yourself one of those fancy fireman's ladders and build me a tree house I can read in. A girl needs some peace to read a good book. Highest tree you can find.

Ben Warren: Highest tree I can find.

Miranda Bailey: Why is it that men only listen to women after they've done something wrong? Y'all. Don't. Listen. Princess Leia knows what I'm talking about. When they went on that planet with the... the... Ewoks! Yeah. And if Han and Luke had listened to Leia, they could've avoided a lot of misery. I'm just sayin'. (to Dr. Maxwell): Ewok.


Miranda Bailey: If something happens to me, do not let them hook me up to anything.

Ben Warren: And if something happens to me, hook me up. I want extraordinary measures. The more extraordinary, the better.

Miranda Bailey: Seriously.

Ben Warren: Seriously.

Miranda Bailey: Seriously?

Miranda Bailey (to a nurse): Okay, interrupt me again, I'm coming over that counter. My name is Miranda Bailey. I am Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial, and I believe that I am having a heart attack.

Miranda Bailey (narration): On their death bed, nobody wishes they'd worked more. That's the trite, little phrase people trot out when they want to play hooky or spend too much money on vacation or shame working parents for missing their kid's soccer game for a board meeting. On your deathbed, no one wishes they'd worked more. Tell that to the people who love their work. It's not about whether you spend your life in a board room, your bedroom, or on a beach with a Mai Tai in Maui. When you look back on your life, the only thing that matters is... Did you spend it doing what you love? With the people you love? Were you happy? Did you make the most of this beautiful, terrifying, messed-up life? Did you let go of all the things that held you back? So you can hold on to what matters most?

Miranda Bailey: 12 years old. In his own house. It's time to give Tuck the talk.

Ben Warren: I know.

(Later that day...)

Tuck: I am William George Bailey Jones. I'm 13 years old. And I have nothing to harm you.

Miranda Bailey: That's good, baby. You always have to show the police where your hands are. And always say what you're doing before you do it.

Ben Warren: Be in control of your emotions. Be polite and... and respectful.

Miranda Bailey: Yeah, don't fight back. Don't talk back. Do not make any sudden movements. Remember, your only goal is to get home safely.

Ben Warren: If you get detained, don't sign anything or... or write anything. Wait for a parent before you talk.

Miranda Bailey: And if your white friends are saying things or mouthing off, know that you cannot. You can't go climbing through windows, play with toy guns, throw rocks. And you cannot ever run away from them, no matter how afraid you are.

Ben Warren: Never, never... never run.

Miranda Bailey: Everything that we're saying to you we're saying because we want you to come home again. We want you to grow up to be anything and everything that you want to be. Do you hear me? You... are amazing. You are perfect. And we want you to stay that way.

Casey Parker: Let's just say that, hypothetically, I was convicted of hacking a federal server, as part of my hypothetical sentence, I'm not allowed to manipulate computers in that manner ever again... or advise or enable anyone else to.

Miranda Bailey: I would say, hypothetically, that wasn't on your application.

Casey Parker: Fair. But records like that are sealed. Hypothetically.

Miranda Bailey: Did any of these hypothetical crimes involve literal children or sex or drugs or children and sex and drugs?

Casey Parker: They did not.

Miranda Bailey: Or robbing old people of their last $2?

Casey Parker: Also no.

Miranda Bailey: Or...

Casey Parker: Chief, do you want me to help you?

Miranda Bailey: I do. Hmm. Write down what you want me to tell the FBI. Nigerian prince?

Casey Parker: DMV. My new license was taking too long. And now you're an accessory to whatever I do moving forward.

Miranda Bailey: I did not want to know that.

Casey Parker: I think you did.

Miranda Bailey: I thought we were prepared for this. We were supposed to have the whole cybersecurity seminar...

Tim Ruggles (IT): We are. It's this Friday.

Miranda Bailey: Why can't I get into the medical records?

Tim Ruggles (IT): Oh, have you tried turning it off and turning it...

Arizona Robbins: Don't finish that sentence, Tim.