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Melisandre (to Arya about Beric): The Lord brought him back for a purpose. Now that purpose has been served.

Melisandre: There's no need to execute me, Ser Davos. I'll be dead before the dawn.

Melisandre (to Daenerys): Prophecies are dangerous things. I believe you have a role to play. As does another... the King in the North, Jon Snow.

Daenerys Targaryen: What does your lord expect from me?

Melisandre: The Long Night is coming. Only the prince who was promised can bring the dawn.

Daenerys Targaryen: "The prince who was promised will bring the dawn." I'm afraid I'm not a prince.

Missandei: Your Grace, forgive me, but your translation is not quite accurate. That noun has no gender in High Valyrian, so the proper translation for that prophecy would be, "The prince or princess who was promised will bring the dawn."

Tyrion Lannister: Doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it?

Daenerys Targaryen: No, but I like it better.

Davos Seaworth (about Shireen): Tell him what you did to her. Tell him!

Melisandre: We burned her at the stake.

Davos Seaworth: Why?

Melisandre: The army was trapped. The horses were dying. It was the only way.

Davos Seaworth: You burned a little girl alive!

Melisandre: I only do what my Lord commands.

Davos Seaworth: If he commands you to burn children, your Lord is evil.

Jon Snow: Any advice?

Melisandre: Don't lose.

Jon Snow: If I do, if I fall... don't bring me back.

Melisandre: I'll have to try.

Jon Snow: I'm ordering you not to bring me back.

Melisandre: Afterwards, after they stabbed you, after you died, where did you go? What did you see?

Jon Snow: Nothing. There was nothing at all.

Melisandre: Do you feel my heart beating? This power in you, you resist it, and that's your mistake. Embrace it. The Lord of Light made us male and female. Two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there's power. Power to make life, power to make light, and power to cast shadows.

Jon Snow: I don't think Stannis would like that very much. Melisandre: Then we shouldn't tell him.

Jon Snow: I can't.

Melisandre: Why?

Jon Snow: I swore a vow. I loved another.

Melisandre: The dead don't need lovers. Only the living.

Jon Snow: I know. But I still love her.

Melisandre: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Melisandre: We all must choose. Man or woman, young or old, lord or peasant, our choices are the same. We choose light or we choose darkness. We choose good or we choose evil. We choose the true god or the false.

Shireen Baratheon: There are no seven heavens and no seven hells?

Melisandre: There's only one hell, Princess. The one we live in now.

Arya Stark: You're a witch. You're going to hurt him.

Melisandre: I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me... brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever. We will meet again.

Melisandre: You've been to the other side.

Beric Dondarrion: The other side? There is no other side. I have been to the darkness, my lady.

Melisandre: The night is dark and full of terrors.

Melisandre is a character from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Quotes

Game of Thrones Quotes

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