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Mary Winchester: Why is Mick's body in a box?

Arthur Ketch: An unfortunate werewolf mishap.

Mary Winchester: A werewolf shot him in the head?

Arthur Ketch: It's not impossible.

Mary Winchester: You're a psychopath.

Mary Winchester: So you and Mick... longtime friends?

Arthur Ketch: More... survivors than friends. We were in school together.

Mary Winchester: Ah. Major in murder, minor in mayhem?

Dean Winchester: How 'bout for once, you just try to be a mom?

Mary Winchester: I am your mother, but I am not "just a mom." And you are not a child.

Dean Winchester: I never was.

(Mary meets Crowley for the first time...)

Mary Winchester: You're him? The King of Hell?

Crowley: You must be Mother Winchester. Pleasure. I've heard so much. (wants to shake hands with her)

Mary Winchester: Touch me and I'll kill you.

Castiel: We may want backup. Crowley and Rowena?

Mary Winchester: The King of Hell and his mother, the witch? Hope we can do better than that.


Mary Winchester (about the British Men of Letters): The people that almost killed my boys, they're gonna be our backup? Suddenly, the demon and his mommy don't look so bad.

Mary Winchester: I keep telling myself they're fine. They've only been gone...

Castiel: 6 weeks, 2 days, and 10 hours.

Mary Winchester: We'll find them, Castiel. We will. Until then, we just... We're doin' our best.

Sam Winchester: That's... that's probably cold by now, Mom.

Mary Winchester: It's bacon. (eats it)

Dean Winchester: Wow. We are so related.

Mary Winchester: Well, we should call the Internet and find out as much as we can about these people. Did I say that right? (about the British Men of Letters)

Dean Winchester: So close.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, it was close.

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