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(Markus' speech in Jericho)

Markus: I came to Jericho because here androids are free... Free to live in the dark, hoping that no one finds us... Free to die in silence waiting for a change that's never gonna come... But I don't want that freedom. And I'm not gonna beg for the right to smile, or love, or stand tall... I don't know about you, but there's something inside me that knows that I am more than what they say. I am alive, and they're not gonna take that from me anymore... Our days of slavery are over. What humans don't wanna hear, we will tell them. What they don't wanna give, we take. We are people, we are alive, WE ARE FREE!

Carl: Markus... don't defend yourself, you hear me?! Don't do anything.

Leo (to Markus): Go ahead, hit me! What you waiting for? Think you're a man? Act like one! What's the matter? Too much of a pu**y?

Carl (to Leo): Stop it! STOP IT, LEO! STOP IT!

Leo (to Markus): Too scared to fight back, you f*cking b*tch?

(Markus breaks through his programming)

Leo (to Markus): Oh right, that's right! I forgot, you're not a real person... You're just a F*CKING PIECE OF PLASTIC! Listen to me...

Carl: No, Leo! Leave him alone!

Leo (to Markus): I'm gonna destroy you, then it'll just be me and my Dad... I'm gonna tear you apart and nobody's gonna give a sh*t. You know why? Cause you're nothing, you hear me?! YOU'RE NOTHING!

(Leo hits Markus, Carl has an heartattack and falls from his chair)

Markus: No, Carl, no!

Carl: Humans... are fragile machines...

Markus (crying): Carl, don't leave, okay? Please, don't go... Don't leave!

Carl: Remember, Markus... Don't let anybody... Tell you who you are...

Markus: No... No... Dad! No... please!

Carl: Let's see if you have any talent! Give it a try. Try painting something.

Markus: Paint? But what I...? Painting what?

Carl: Anything you want! Give it a try. (Markus paints something he sees around) That is a perfect copy, of reality. But painting is not about replicating the world, it's about interpreting it, improving on it, showing something you see.

Markus: Carl, I don't... think I can do that. It's not in my program... I...

Carl: Go on, go, try, grab that canvas. (Markus sets up blank canvas) Do something for me, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Trust me. Try to imagine something that doesn't exist. Something you've never seen. Now, concentrate on how it makes you feel and let your hand drift across the canvas. (Markus finishes the painting) Oh my God...

Carl: What happened to your clothes?

Markus: Oh, it's nothing... Just some demonstrators in the street, Carl...

Carl: What a bunch of idiots... They think they can stop progress by roughing up a few androids? I hope they didn't harm you...

Markus: Oh, no, no... They just pushed me around, Carl. I'm fine.

Markus: The weather's partly cloudy, 54°, 80% humidity, with a strong possibility of afternoon showers.

Carl: It sounds like a good day to spend in bed...

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