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Mary Winchester: No matter how this plays out, you're going to kill me.

Lucifer: Why would I kill you? Oh. That's right. 'Cause I'm evil.

Sam Winchester: Look, whatever you're planning on doing, Chuck... God will stop you, just like he did last time.

Lucifer: You're right. What should I do? Oh, God! Don't strike me dead! Come on, Sam. You sound like a virgin in Jesus camp. "We can't. God is watching." No. Chuck "walked." He's gone.

Dean Winchester: So you're just gonna smash his toys?

Lucifer: Exactly.

Dagon: The angels, they found us. One of them took her.

Lucifer: Which one?

Dagon: Castiel.

Lucifer: Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. So you let the Winchesters' purse dog take my son?

Crowley: I understand that whatever sad little scheme that you're brewing up, I'm already 10 steps ahead.

Lucifer: And I thought pride was my sin.

Crowley: It's not pride. It's fact. You cross me, I crush you. You hit me, I hit you back twice as hard. You make me your dog, I make you my slave.

Crowley: What? No snarky, devilish comments? You have nothing to say?

Lucifer: Thanks? I mean, all that effort. So you could've had me back in the cage, but no, you needed your sad, little revenge.

Lucifer: I know that look. Sam and Dean have got you down. Well, I still can't believe that you're working for the Dukes of Haphazard. Do you really think they care about you? I mean, think about it, Crowley. They kill your kind. It's in their blood. And you know... you know... it's only a matter of time before they come... for you.

Crowley: Shut your mouth, dog.

Sam Winchester: You and God made up. You forgave him. What would he think?

Lucifer: I'm not especially interested in his opinion. Dear old dad, he finally apologized for abandoning me. And what's the very next thing he does? He ditches me. And you, too, by the way. And rides off into the sunset with Auntie Amara. He needed my help, and he'd say anything to get it. His words, your words, they mean nothing. Don't you get it? This is all meaningless. Heaven, Hell, this world. If it ever meant anything, that moment is past. Nothing down here but a bunch of hopeless distraction addicts, so filled with emptiness, so desperate to fill up the void... they don't mind being served another stale rerun of a rerun of a rerun. You know what my plan is? I don't have one. I'm just gonna keep on smashing Daddy's already broken toys and make you watch.

Lucifer (using the vessel of Vince Vincente): It means it's not about the music. It never really was. You know, rock's not the reason. It's just an excuse... to worship, to adore. See, humans have always been desperate to put someone or something above them. And let's face it, God ain't cuttin' it these days. It takes a Kim Kardashian, a whatever Justin Bieber is. A me. They're enjoying the ride. So should you.

Rowena: I-I-I'd help, I would, but I don't have the Book of the Damned. I lost it.

Lucifer: You know damned well where you put it. Did you see what I did there? "Damned."

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