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Liam Dunbar: I wanna sign up for Team Captain.

Coach Finstock: Yeah, it's too late. I said end of the day.

Liam Dunbar: You didn't say end of school day.

Coach Finstock: Hey. What changed your mind?

Liam Dunbar: I held a guy's hand.

Coach Finstock: I get it. I totally get it.

Liam Dunbar: Coach doesn't want me. I don't know if the team wants me.

Scott McCall: It's not up to them. It's up to you. You have to want this. Because they're gonna keep comin' at you. They're gonna keep knocking you down. And you have to get back up. You have to show them that you can get back up. Leaders don't run.

(Coach does a slow clap as he approches)

Coach Finstock: Now that's what I'm talkin' about, McCall. That's exactly the intensity this team needs. And you, I'm lookin' forward to crushing that little adorable baby face of yours.

Scott McCall: We gotta work on your back shots.

Liam Dunbar: Why?

Scott McCall: Liam. They suck.

Liam Dunbar: What are you talkin' about?

Scott McCall: Your back shots. Which suck. (Liam makes several perfect back shots in a row) I must've been thinkin' of someone else.

Liam Dunbar (to Hayden and Mason): Stand back.

(Liam charges against to door to get them open, Mason opens them and Liam falls in)

Mason Hewitt (to Hayden): It's open.

Theo Raeken (to Scott and Liam): I told you we'd end up on the same side.

Liam Dunbar: How about I punch you in the balls to remind you we're not?

Liam Dunbar: Scott, remember what you promised me. You said you'd do everything you could to save her. If she's a real werewolf, we can save her. You gotta give her the bite.

Scott McCall: No.

Hayden Romero (to Liam): I wasn't bitten by a wolf. I was... somebody's science experiment.


Hayden Romero: What am I?

Liam Dunbar: You're Hayden.

Mason Hewitt: Considering the state of my dating life, I need a wingman, co-pilot and a really hot flight attendant.


Liam Dunbar: I'm his flight attendant.

Liam Dunbar (to Scott): I fell in a hole.

Liam Dunbar (to Stiles): We just spent three hours watching this dude play video games in his bedroom. He better be out here covering up a mass murder.

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