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Koby: Is this really what we're supposed to be doing?

Helmeppo: What are you talking about?

Koby: Maybe the Straw Hat Pirates aren't the villains the Marines are making them out to be.

Helmeppo: Thought it'd take a lot more liquor to bring out your mutinous side.

Garp: I joined the Marines over 50 years ago. A green recruit like yourself. I came in with simple ideals, but I had to adapt, because the world is not a simple place. The same set of laws do not apply to everyone.

Koby: But that's not fair.

Garp: No, it's not. But you have to decide if you can live with that. I could've been fleet admiral by now, but I always turned down the promotion. Do you know why? Because I'd have to do things their way. I'd lose my freedom. Do you understand?

Koby: Yes, sir.

Garp: The world is not fair. But the Marines are all that are standing between order and anarchy. So, let me ask you... can you live with that?

Koby: I think so.

(Luffy and Koby are looking at the wanted posters...)

Luffy: I didn't know there were so many pirates!

Koby: There are way worse pirates on the Grand Line. It's terrible.

Luffy: Yeah. Yeah. I know, right? Where's my face?

Koby: I've kind of... I've always wanted to be... a Marine. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to protect people that can't protect themselves. I told you it was dumb.

Luffy: If that's what you want, I think you should do it.

Koby: Once you enter the Grand Line, you never return.

Luffy: It sounds kind of fun.

Koby: I don't get it. Why would anyone want to be a pirate?

Luffy: 'Cause it's the best thing there is. You have the... the wind in your back, the salty sea air, your loyal crew by your side. You never know what's on the horizon. It's all about being... free.

Koby is a character from ONE PIECE

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Koby is a friend of Luffy. His biggest dream is to become a Marine soldier.

Koby is played by the actor Morgan Davies.

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