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Shanks: Afraid I'm not in the mood for a duel today, Hawk Eyes. I'm a wee bit hungover.

Mihawk: I'm not here to fight. Not when you're half the man you used to be.

Shanks: I could still take you. And with one arm tied behind my back. (laughs)

Mihawk (about Luffy): I decided to let him go.

Garp: I specifically told you to bring him to me.

Mihawk: Come now, Vice-Admiral. I don't take orders. Not even from the likes of you.

Garp: As one of the Seven Warlords, you serve at the pleasure of the World Government. Without our immunity...

Mihawk: I would still do precisely what I want. No more and no less. And what I want is to see what becomes of that young man when he enters the Grand Line.

Mihawk: Roronoa Zoro, it's too soon for you to die. Grow strong and come find me. I'll be waiting.

Mihawk: You're defeated. Why do you persist?

Zoro: Wounds on the back are a swordsman's greatest shame.

Mihawk: Magnificent.

Mihawk: Why don't you retreat?

Zoro: I can't... or my dream will be lost forever.

(Mihawk takes out his tiny knife shaped like a little sword)

Zoro: What the hell is that? I'm here for a sword fight.

Mihawk: I don't hunt rabbits with a cannon.

Zoro: I'm no rabbit.

Mihawk: That remains to be seen.

Krieg: You've killed my men, destroyed my fleet. Why are you after me?

Mihawk: You woke me from my nap.

Krieg: Then allow me to make it permanent!

(Krieg shoots at Mihawk, Mihawk cuts the bullet in half hitting other pirates...)

Mihawk: Such a disappointing final gambit.

Dracule Mihawk is a character from ONE PIECE

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Dracule Mihawk is a famous pirate known for being the best swordsman in the world.

Mihawk is played by the actor Steven Ward.

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