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Sokka: So, anyone else hungry?

Katara: Why is everything always about your stomach?

Aang: Because that's where his brain is.

Sokka: Oh, says the kid with the melon head.

Katara: Ooh, I could go for a melon.

Sokka: See? Food is always the right answer. Just gotta listen to Sokka.

Pakku: I thought I made myself clear. Women are not allowed in combat.

Katara: I thought I showed you how stupid that is. Forget your pride. This is about the survival of the Waterbenders, and you need all the help you can get. You know we can make a difference.

Pakku: "We"? (Looks down to see women ready to join the fight)

Katara: All they want is what you want. A chance to defend their home.

Yagoda: Pakku, what good is it relying on the past when it stops us from having a future? Get... get over yourself, you old fool, and let us get the job done!

Katara: You said you're afraid of losing us, and that's why we can't stay by your side, but it's my decision to fight, not Pakku's and not yours.

Sokka: Yeah. Do you think we came here just to leave you on your own? Silly Avatar.

Aang: I don't know if I can protect you.

Katara: You can't.

Sokka: Yeah, and worrying about who will or won't get hurt, it's not just the Avatar who has to deal with that.

Katara: That's what it means to be a family.

Aang: Kuruk, Roku, Kyoshi. They all said that I need to do this by myself. The Avatar must bear the burden alone.

Katara: This is the past. Now, only one person can tell you the future. The person who'll write The Legend of Aang.

Sokka: She means you. You got that, right?

Katara: I'm gonna challenge Pakku to fight. I know. He's a master. He's probably gonna mop the floor with me, but it doesn't matter. All my life, I've held myself back, and I'm not gonna let someone else do it to me now.

Sokka: Katara. Remember at the Southern Air Temple when you said we had to go with Aang? That we had to help him save the world? You were right. If we hadn't gone with him, I wouldn't have seen how two kids from the Southern Water Tribe can measure up to anyone. Firebenders, Earthbenders, spirit creatures, even strapping, young Northern Water Tribe Warriors...

Katara: Sokka, if you're trying to talk sense into me, you're not doing a very good job.

Sokka: Sense? Who's talking sense? No, what I'm trying to tell you is... go kick his a$$.

Katara: When do we get to fight training?

Yagoda: Excuse me?

Katara: I think my basic forms are pretty good, but I could use help with accuracy and increasing power.

Yagoda: I'm sorry, but women don't fight. We use our skills to heal, not to harm.

Katara: I don't want to just heal.

Yagoda: Healing is a noble and sacred tradition. The highest of callings.

Katara: No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that... I think my skills lie more in combat. So if it's okay, I'd like to train in fighting techniques.

Yagoda: In the Northern Water Tribe, women aren't allowed to fight.

Katara: Aren't allowed? That's not right.

Yagoda: But that is our way.

Pakku: The Fire Nation's attacks took so much from you. From all of us.

Katara: The worst part was I... I couldn't do anything about it.

Pakku: What's important is you survived. That is what we do. Water is the element of change. And we Waterbenders have always adapted to the flow of life.

Katara (to Aang): You know, I've always felt I was a spiritually-attuned person. Might be why I crossed over with you.

Sokka: Is that a frog or a froggy thing?

Katara: I have no idea how he got in here.

Aang: This is all my fault. It's the Avatar's job to protect the natural world. That's just as important as helping people and fighting Firebenders. How many more forests have died because I wasn't here? Because I don't know what I'm doing?

Katara: Gran Gran says... life is a cycle. And out of death comes new life. This will be a forest again. That's what you should see. Seeds for the future. Not past mistakes.

Aang: We've been running into the Firebenders a lot more often.

Katara: We're getting closer to the Fire Nation border. It was bound to happen, even without Sokka's tragic dating attempts.

Sokka: Hey, how was I supposed to know she was a Fire Nation soldier?

Katara: The light of crystals? These things are everywhere. On the walls. On the floor. They're pretty random.

Sokka: It's a path.

Katara: It said "love is brightest in the dark," not "glowy rocks."

Sokka: Poetic license. Like the minstrel said, love is the answer. Love is all you need. Love makes the world go round.

Jet: I thought you were on our side. On my side.

Katara: Jet, you've forgotten what you're fighting for. You told me to remember my mother, and I did. I remembered she never wanted bitterness to fill my heart. That's how I know you've ended up on the wrong side, not fighting for anything you love. You're fighting because of hate. Just like the Firebenders.

Katara: I'm sick of you treating me like I'm a little girl!

Sokka: Then grow up! Where are you going?

Katara: To prove you're a jerk!

Sokka: Oh yeah? Well, I don't need proof for that!

(Sokka is looking at the war fan Suki gave him...)

Katara: So this means you don't wanna go home anymore?

Sokka: And let you guys have all the fun? Besides, someone's gotta help the kid. This could get tough for him. Zuko clearly isn't going to give up, and he's dangerous.

Katara (reading book about Avatar Kyoshi): She was quiet and kind. No one had a clue she'd become the Avatar.

Aang: Yeah, so how did she go from this... to that?

Katara: "Only justice will bring peace."

Katara is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender Quotes

Avatar: The Last Airbender Quotes


Katara is one of the main characters in the Netflix television series “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” She is played by actress Kiawentiio. Katara is a skilled Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe, and she becomes an essential member of Team Avatar, alongside Aang, Sokka, Toph, and later Zuko. Katara is known for her determination, compassion, and strong sense of justice.


Katara’s family plays a central role in her character arc. She is the older sister of Sokka, and the two siblings are raised by their grandmother Kanna after their mother’s death and their father’s departure to fight in the war. Katara is fiercely protective of her family and friends, often serving as a maternal figure to Aang and others in the group.


One interesting fact about Katara is her role as a healer. In addition to her Waterbending skills, Katara possesses a natural talent for healing, which she learns from a scroll she finds in the Northern Water Tribe. Throughout the series, Katara uses her healing abilities to aid her friends and allies, showcasing her compassion and selflessness in addition to her combat skills.

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