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Sokka: So, anyone else hungry?

Katara: Why is everything always about your stomach?

Aang: Because that's where his brain is.

Sokka: Oh, says the kid with the melon head.

Katara: Ooh, I could go for a melon.

Sokka: See? Food is always the right answer. Just gotta listen to Sokka.

Katara: You said you're afraid of losing us, and that's why we can't stay by your side, but it's my decision to fight, not Pakku's and not yours.

Sokka: Yeah. Do you think we came here just to leave you on your own? Silly Avatar.

Aang: I don't know if I can protect you.

Katara: You can't.

Sokka: Yeah, and worrying about who will or won't get hurt, it's not just the Avatar who has to deal with that.

Katara: That's what it means to be a family.

Aang: Kuruk, Roku, Kyoshi. They all said that I need to do this by myself. The Avatar must bear the burden alone.

Katara: This is the past. Now, only one person can tell you the future. The person who'll write The Legend of Aang.

Sokka: She means you. You got that, right?

Aang: You know what the Fire Lord is doing is wrong, so you don't have to be like him. You can show some compassion.

Zuko: How dare you? I'm the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. I'll be the example for all Firebenders. And my father is a great man. Compassion? Compassion is a sign of weakness.

(Zuko attacks Aang with fire ball, Aang knocks him out with his powers...)

Aang: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I have a feeling you've been hurt more than enough.

Aang (to Zuko): A lot of the time, when I was supposed to be meditating, I was actually sleeping. I always got caught. Probably didn't help that I snored.

Kuruk: Yes, there are times when the Avatar must resort to force and intimidation, but in addition to being a warrior, the Avatar must also be a diplomat.

Aang: So we can solve the world's problems without hurting anyone?

Kuruk: We can try, but there are consequences if we fail. Painful... consequences.

Aang: I thought you'd all be like that. Aren't Avatars incarnations of each other?

Kuruk: We share the same spark, but we are our own people.

Aang: Can we talk about it when I get back?

Gyatso: Of course. You should hurry. Koh will feed again before too long.

Aang: Right. Once I save my friends, we'll have more time. (leaves)

Gyatso: Time. Time is a funny thing. The past, the future, it all gets mixed up. There's only one way to keep it straight. It's by remembering what really matters.

Aang: This is all my fault. It's the Avatar's job to protect the natural world. That's just as important as helping people and fighting Firebenders. How many more forests have died because I wasn't here? Because I don't know what I'm doing?

Katara: Gran Gran says... life is a cycle. And out of death comes new life. This will be a forest again. That's what you should see. Seeds for the future. Not past mistakes.

Aang: That's why Zuko's so hot to catch me? So he can win this war for his dad?

Iroh: Zuko's victory lies not in winning the war but in winning his life back.

Aang: You could show him this isn't the way. He'll listen to you. I mean, he owes you that much.

Iroh: On the contrary, it is I who owe him. Far more than I can ever repay.

Aang: A war started by the Fire Nation. And a war the Fire Nation could end.

Iroh: Hmm. If it were only that simple. My brother, the Fire Lord, sees things through only one lens, victory or defeat. Nothing else matters. Not even the loved ones lost along the way.

Aang: What if I do what you say, and it all just becomes worse?

Avatar Kyoshi: It will. Your very presence in this world will make things worse. At first, both sides will fight harder because the Avatar has returned. Hope does not come without a cost.

Aang: What if I hurt someone along the way?

Avatar Kyoshi: And how many have already been hurt because you haven't been here? Run away from your responsibilities again, and even more will be hurt! Being the Avatar means putting your duties above all else. Even your life!

Katara (reading book about Avatar Kyoshi): She was quiet and kind. No one had a clue she'd become the Avatar.

Aang: Yeah, so how did she go from this... to that?

Katara: "Only justice will bring peace."

Aang (to Yukari): Where I'm from, people help each other. I know I don't belong here. That's something I've been feeling a lot lately. But if you can help me, if I can learn to be the Avatar, maybe I could bring the place I knew, a world where people were happier, back.

Aang is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender Quotes

Avatar: The Last Airbender Quotes


Aang is the main protagonist in the Netflix television series “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” He is played by actor Gordon Cormier. Aang is a young Airbender who is discovered to be the long-lost Avatar, a being with the ability to control all four elements (water, earth, fire, and air), and whose duty is to maintain balance in the world. Aang is known for his carefree and playful personality, as well as his strong sense of justice and compassion.


Throughout his journey, Aang is accompanied by his loyal and brave friends, including Katara, Sokka, and later Toph and Zuko. However, Aang’s closest and most trusted friend is Appa, his flying bison companion. Together, they navigate the world, seeking to master the elements and defeat the tyrannical Fire Nation, who seek to conquer and dominate other nations.

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