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Cersei Lannister: Please don't let me die. I don't want to die. Not like this. Not like this. Not like this.

Jaime Lannister: Just look... Look at me. Look at me. Look... Look... Look me in the eye. Don't look away. Don't look... Look at me! Just look at me. Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Only us.

Tyrion Lannister: If it weren't for you, I never would've survived my childhood.

Jaime Lannister: You would have.

Tyrion Lannister: You were the only one who didn't treat me like a monster. You were all I had.

Tyrion Lannister: I defended the city last time it was attacked. I know it better than anyone. It will fall tomorrow.

Jaime Lannister: Then I suppose I'll die tomorrow, if not before.

Tyrion Lannister: Why? Escape. The two of you, together. Remember where we met, where they keep the dragon skulls, beneath the Red Keep? Take her down there. Keep following the stairways down, down as far as they'll go. You'll come out onto a beach at the foot of the keep. A dinghy will be waiting for you. Sail out of the bay. If the winds are kind, you'll make it to Pentos. Start a new life.

Jaime Lannister: Highgarden will never belong to a cutthroat.

Bronn: No? Who were your ancestors, the ones who made your family rich? Fancy lads in silk? They were f*cking cutthroats. That's how all the great houses started, isn't it? With a hard b*stard who was good at killing people. Kill a few hundred people, they make you a lord. Kill a few thousand, they make you king. And then all your c*cksucking grandsons can ruin the family with their c*cksucking ways.

Jaime Lannister: She's always been good at using the truth to tell lies. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. She's fooled me more than anybody. What?

Tyrion Lannister: She never fooled you. You always knew exactly what she was, and you loved her anyway.

Bran Stark: I'm something else now.

Jaime Lannister: You're not angry at me.

Bran Stark: I'm not angry at anyone.

Jaime Lannister: Why didn't you tell them?

Bran Stark: You won't be able to help us in this fight if I let them murder you first.

Jaime Lannister: What about afterwards?

Bran Stark: How do you know there is an afterwards?

Jaime Lannister (to Sansa): Do you want me to apologize? I won't. We were at war. Everything I did, I did for my house and my family. I'd do it all again.

Bran Stark: The things we do for love.

Jaime Lannister: I pledged to ride north. I intend to honor that pledge.

Cersei Lannister: And that will be treason.

Jaime Lannister: Treason?

Cersei Lannister: Disobeying your queen's command, fighting with her enemies. What would you call it?

Jaime Lannister: Doesn't matter what I'd call it.

Cersei Lannister: I told you no one walks away from me.

Jaime Lannister: Are you going to order him to kill me? I'm the only one you have left. Our children are gone, our father is gone. It's just me and you now.

Cersei Lannister: There's one more yet to come.

Jaime Lannister: Give the order, then. (Cersei nods and The Mountain pulls his sword) I don't believe you. (Jaime leaves)

Cersei Lannister: I always knew you were the stupidest Lannister. The Starks and Targaryens have united against us, and you want to fight alongside them? Are you a traitor or an idiot?

Jaime Lannister: You pledged our forces to fight our common enemy...

Cersei Lannister: I'll say whatever I need to say to ensure the survival of our house.

Tyrion Lannister: You spoke with her?

Jaime Lannister: At her until she kicked me out. She thinks I was an idiot to trust you. A lot of people seem to think that, actually.

Tyrion Lannister: I'm about to step into a room with the most murderous woman in the world who's already tried to kill me twice, that I know of. Who's an idiot?

Jaime Lannister: I suppose we should say goodbye, one idiot to another.

Bronn: Men without c*cks. You wouldn't find me fighting in an army if I had no c*ck. What's left to fight for?

Jaime Lannister: Gold?

Bronn: I spent my life around soldiers. What do you think they spend that gold on?

Jaime Lannister: Family.

Bronn: Not without a c*ck, you don't.

Jaime Lannister: Maybe it really is all c*cks in the end.

Bronn: Yet, your brother has chosen to side with the c*ckless.

Jaime Lannister: Yes, he's always been a champion of the downtrodden.

(Dothraki join the party)

Bronn: I think we're about to be the downtrodden.

Jaime Lannister: Who will you say is the father?

Cersei Lannister: You.

Jaime Lannister: People won't like that.

Cersei Lannister: Do you remember what Father used to say about people?

Jaime Lannister: The lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.

Bronn: You're f*cked.

Jaime Lannister: Don't you mean we're f*cked?

Bronn: No, I do not. Dragons are where our partnership ends. I'm not gonna be around when those things start spitting fire on King's Landing.

Jaime Lannister: The more you own, the more it weighs you down.

Bronn: Oh, is that why you're so f*cking glum, eh? All your new riches weighing you down?

Jaime Lannister is a character from Game of Thrones

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