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Stormfront: Do it. You know you want to.

Homelander: I'll cut you in half.

Stormfront: Come on. Right here. Don't be a p*ssy... Laser my f**king t*ts. Ow. Oh, God, it f**king hurts. Don't stop! See? I told you I don't break easy.

(Homelander accidently kills someone and it gets caught on camera...)

Homelander: So, what, they're all starving but one of them's got a f*cking cell phone?

(Shapeshifter is pretending to be Madelyn to please Homelander...)

Doppelganger: The Seven is your team. You nurtured them, you watered and fed them.

Homelander: That's... I did.

Doppelganger: Yes, and if they can't respect that or you, well, it may be time to tear out the weeds and start all over again.

(Shapeshifter looses control and turns back into himself)

Homelander: Change back. Change back!

Doppelganger: I'm sorry! I can only hold a shape for so long before it really hurts.

Homelander: Change the f*ck back now, Doppelganger!

(Shapeshifter changes back to Madelyn)

Doppelganger: Yeah, it's okay. Come here. It's all good. Oh, my little boy. Come on. Okay. It's okay. I love you. I love you. You're the most powerful man in the whole wide world. And there's nothing that you cannot do.

Homelander: I never had a dad. Or a mom.

Ryan Butcher: Wait, you... you didn't?

Homelander: See, sometimes it's hard, Ryan, being... Superior to every single other person on the planet. It's-it's... isolating. And gods... should not have to feel that kind of... yeah, pain. Because that... is what we are, Ryan. You and me. We're gods. Son, we can do anything we want. And no one can stop us. Now, that.. That's a good feeling. A really good feeling. And now you... and me... can share it together.

Homelander: Wow, look at this handsome devil. Hey, pal. You know who I am?

Ryan Butcher: Homelander.

Homelander: Yeah, that's right, but... you know who else?

Ryan Butcher: No.

Billy Butcher: Becca?

Becca Butcher: What?

Homelander: Huh. Mommy didn't tell you. Well... I'm your father, and we are a family.

Jonah Vogelbaum: The thing about cross-breeding dogs, you get the right genes, you can get a perfect creation. But it doesn't matter how perfect they are. It's not enough. When I raise subjects without their mothers, they become violent. Aggressive. Downright hateful. You should have been raised in a home with a family who loved you. Not in a cold lab with doctors.

Homelander: And yet, I turned out great.

Jonah Vogelbaum: When I think what it's done to you, and what you can now do to everyone else... I'm sorry.

Queen Maeve: Homelander, that's enough.

Homelander: You got something to add, Maeve?

Queen Maeve: She didn't know.

Homelander: Well, she stinks of adrenaline and her heart's beating like a little rabbit.

Queen Maeve: The only thing she's guilty of is being f*cking stupid. She obviously fell for this Hugh Campbell guy and he's pumping her for information, so back off, leave her alone.

Homelander: Wow. Starlight, you must be something special. Hmm? I can't remember the last time Maeve gave a sh*t ab... Well, gave a sh*t about anyone, really.

Madelyn Stillwell: What I need right now, is I need you to charm the sh*t out of those congressmen.

Homelander: Right. 'Cause that's all I'm good for, huh? Smile, look pretty, say my lines. Whoop, whoop, whoop.

Madelyn Stillwell: No. No. You just need to let me protect you.

Homelander: Oh, you're gonna protect me?

Madelyn Stillwell: Mm-hmm. Gods are pure and they're perfect and they're above it all. And they need to stay that way.

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