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Ron Weasley: You did everything you could. No one could win against that old hag.

Hermione Granger: Even Dumbledore didn't see this coming. Harry, if it's anyone's fault, it's ours.

Ron Weasley: Yeah, we talked you into it.

Harry Potter: Yeah, but I agreed. I tried so hard to help, and all it's done is make things worse. Anyway, that doesn't matter anymore. Because I don't want to play anymore. All it does is make you care too much. And the more you care, the more you have to lose. So maybe it's just better to...

Hermione Granger: To what?

Harry Potter: To go it alone.

Ron Weasley: Well, how was it?

Harry Potter: Wet. I mean, she was sort of crying.

Hermione Granger: I'm sure Harry's kissing was more than satisfactory. Cho spends half her time crying these days.

Ron Weasley: You'd think a bit of snogging would cheer her up.

Hermione Granger: Don't you understand how she must be feeling? Well, obviously she's feeling sad about Cedric... and therefore confused about liking Harry and guilty about kissing him... conflicted because Umbridge is threatening to sack her mum from the Ministry... and frightened of failing her OWLs because she's worrying about everything else.

Ron Weasley: One person couldn't feel all that. They'd explode.

Hermione Granger: Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon...

Luna Lovegood: We both believe you, by the way. That He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back, and you fought him... and the Ministry and the Prophet are conspiring against you and Dumbledore.

Harry Potter: Thanks. It seems you're about the only ones that do.

Luna Lovegood: I don't think that's true. But I suppose that's how he wants you to feel.

Harry Potter: What do you mean?

Luna Lovegood: Well, if I were You-Know-Who... I'd want you to feel cut off from everyone else... because if it's just you alone... you're not as much of a threat.

Harry Potter: The cup was a Portkey. Someone had bewitched it.

Alastor Moody: What was it like? What was he like?

Harry Potter: Who?

Alastor Moody: The Dark Lord. Aah! What was it like to stand in his presence?

Harry Potter: I don't know. It was like I'd fallen into one of my dreams... into one of my nightmares.

Alastor Moody: Were there others? In the graveyard, were there others?

Harry Potter: Um... I... I don't think I said anything about a graveyard, professor.

Cedric Diggory: Th... Thanks.

Harry Potter: No problem.

Cedric Diggory: You know, for a moment there, I thought you were gonna let it get me.

Harry Potter: For a moment, so did I.

Cedric Diggory: Some game, huh?

Harry Potter: Some game.

Harry Potter: I suppose Viktor's already figured it out.

Hermione Granger: Wouldn't know. We don't actually talk about the tournament. Actually, we don't really talk at all. Viktor's more of a physical being. (laughs) I just mean he's not particularly loquacious.

Harry Potter: Mm-hm.

Hermione Granger: Mostly, he watches me study. It's a bit annoying, actually.

Harry Potter: What's with the flower? Hagrid, have you combed your hair?

Rubeus Hagrid: As a matter of fact, I have. You might like to try the same thing now and again.

Hermione Granger: Ronald would like me to tell you that Seamus told him... that Dean was told by Parvati that Hagrid's looking for you.

Harry Potter: Is that right? Well, you... What?

Hermione Granger: Uh... (Goes back to Ron) Are you sure you won't do this?

Ron Weasley: You do it.

Hermione Granger: Dean was told by Parvati that... Please don't ask me to say it again. Hagrid's looking for you.

Harry Potter: Well, you can tell Ronald...

Hermione Granger: I'm not an owl!

Sirius Black: The Death Eaters at the World Cup, your name rising from that goblet... these are not just coincidences. Hogwarts isn't safe anymore.

Harry Potter: What are you saying?

Sirius Black: I'm saying the devils are inside the walls. Igor Karkaroff? He was a Death Eater. And no one, no one stops being a Death Eater. Then there's Barty Crouch. Heart of stone. Sent his own son to Azkaban.

Harry Potter: You think one of them put my name in the goblet?

Sirius Black: I haven't a clue who put your name in that goblet... but whoever did is no friend to you. People die in this tournament.