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It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children. While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places. (Wikia) │ Written by J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany

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Rubeus Hagrid: Who was Ron trying to curse, anyway?

Harry Potter: Malfoy. He called Hermione... Well, I don't know exactly what it means.

Hermione Granger: He called me a Mudblood.

Rubeus Hagrid: He did not.

Harry Potter: What's a Mudblood?

Hermione Granger: It means "dirty blood." Mudblood's a really foul name for someone who's Muggle-born. Someone with non-magic parents. Someone like me. It's not a term one usually hears in civilized conversation.

Rubeus Hagrid: See, the thing is, Harry, there are some wizards, like the Malfoy family... who think they're better than everyone else because they're pure-blood.

Harry Potter: That's horrible.

Ron Weasley: It's disgusting.

Rubeus Hagrid: And it's codswallop to boot. Dirty blood. Why, there isn't a wizard alive today that's not half-blood or less. More to the point, they've yet to think of a spell that our Hermione can't do. Come here. Don't you think on it, Hermione. Don't you think on it for one minute.


Ron Weasley: My wand. Look at my wand.

Harry Potter: Be thankful it's not your neck.


Lucius Malfoy: Mr. Potter. Lucius Malfoy. We meet at last. Forgive me. Your scar is legend. As, of course, is the wizard who gave it to you.

Harry Potter: Voldemort killed my parents. He was nothing more than a murderer.

Lucius Malfoy: You must be very brave to mention his name. Or very foolish.

Hermione Granger: Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.


Dobby: Dobby has come to tell you... It is difficult, sir. Dobby wonders where to begin.

Harry Potter: Why don't you sit down?

Dobby: Sit down? Sit down? (starts crying hysterically)

Harry Potter: Dobby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you or anything.

Dobby: Offend Dobby? Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir... but never has he been asked to sit down by a wizard, like an equal.

Harry Potter: You can't have met many decent wizards then.


Rubeus Hagrid: If that dolt of a cousin of yours, Dudley, gives you any grief... you could always... threaten him... with a nice pair of ears to go with that tail of his.

Harry Potter: But Hagrid, we're not allowed to do magic away from Hogwarts. You know that.

Rubeus Hagrid: I do. But your cousin don't, do he?


Albus Dumbledore: Harry, do you know why... Professor Quirrell couldn't bear to have you touch him? It was because of your mother. She sacrificed herself for you. And that kind of act leaves a mark. (Harry touches his scar) No, this kind of mark cannot be seen. It lives in your very skin.

Harry Potter: What is it?

Albus Dumbledore: Love, Harry. Love.

Lord Voldemort: Don't be a fool. Why suffer an horrific death... when you can join me and live?

Harry Potter: Never!

Lord Voldemort: Bravery. Your parents had it too. Tell me, Harry... would you like to see your mother and father again? Together... we can bring them back. All I ask is for something in return. (Harry takes out the stone from his pocket) That's it, Harry. There is no good and evil. There is only power... and those too weak to seek it. Together, we'll do extraordinary things. Just give me the Stone!

Harry Potter: You, liar!


Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter... we meet again.

Harry Potter: Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort: Yes. You see what I've become? See what I must do to survive? Live off another. A mere parasite. Unicorn blood can sustain me... but it cannot give me a body of my own. But there is something that can. Something that, conveniently enough, lies in your pocket.


Harry Potter: He's going to sacrifice himself.

Hermione Granger: No, you can't! there must be another way!

Ron Weasley: Do you wanna stop Snape from getting that Stone or not? Harry, it's you that has to go on. I know it. Not me. Not Hermione. You.


Harry Potter: Hagrid, who gave you the dragon egg? What did he look like?

Rubeus Hagrid: I don't know, I never saw his face. He kept his hood up.

Harry Potter: The stranger, though, you and he must have talked.

Rubeus Hagrid: Well, he wanted to know what sort of creatures I looked after. I told him. I said, "After Fluffy, a dragon's gonna be no problem."

Harry Potter: And did he seem interested in Fluffy?

Rubeus Hagrid: Well, of course he was interested in Fluffy. How often do you come across a three-headed dog, even if you're in the trade? But I told him. I said, "The trick with any beast is to know how to calm him." Take Fluffy, for example. Just play him a bit of music and he falls straight to sleep. (the trio looks at each other) I shouldn't have told you that. Where are you going? Wait!


Harry Potter: Snape doesn't want the Stone for himself. He wants the stone for Voldemort. With the Elixir of Life, Voldemort will be strong again. He'll come back.

Ron Weasley: But if he comes back... you don't think he'll try to... kill you, do you?

Harry Potter: I think if he'd had the chance, he might have tried to kill me tonight.

Ron Weasley: And to think, I've been worrying about my Potions final.

Hermione Granger: Hang on a minute. We're forgetting one thing. Who's the one wizard Voldemort always feared? Dumbledore. As long as Dumbledore is around, Harry, you're safe. As long as Dumbledore is around, you can't be touched.