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(Tony has another panic attack...)

Tony Stark: God, what am I gonna do?

Harley Keener: Just breathe. Really, just breathe. You're a mechanic, right?

Tony Stark: Right.

Harley Keener: You said so.

Tony Stark: Yes, I did.

Harley Keener: Why don't you just build something?

Tony Stark (calms down): Ok. Thanks, kid.

Tony Stark: Harley, tell me what's happening. Give me a full report.

Harley Keener: Yeah, I'm still eating that candy. Do you want me to keep eating it?

Tony Stark: How much have you had?

Harley Keener: Two or three bowls.

Tony Stark: Can you still see straight?

Harley Keener: Sort of.

Tony Stark: That means you're fine.

Harley Keener: You're welcome.

Tony Stark: For what? Did I miss something?

Harley Keener: Me, saving your life.

Tony Stark: Yeah. A, I saved you first. B, thanks. Sort of. And C, if you do someone a solid, don't be a yutz. Alright? Just play it cool. Otherwise you come off grandiose.

Harley Keener: Unlike you? Admit it, you need me. We're connected.

Harley Keener: You know what this crater reminds me of?

Tony Stark: No idea. I'm not... I don't care.

Harley Keener: That giant Wormhole... in... in New York. Does it remind you?

Tony Stark: That's manipulative. I don't want to talk about it.

Harley Keener: Are they coming back? The aliens?

Tony Stark: Maybe. Can you stop? Remember what I told you, that I have an anxiety issue?

Harley Keener: Does this subject make you edgy?

Tony Stark: Yeah a little bit. Can I just catch my breath for a second?

Harley Keener: Are there bad guys in Rose Hill? Do you need a plastic bag to breathe into? Do you have medication?

Tony Stark: No.

Harley Keener: Do you need to be on it?

Tony Stark: Probably.

Harley Keener: Do you have PTSD?

Tony Stark: I don't think so.

Harley Keener: Are you going completely mental? I can stop. Do you want me to stop?

Tony Stark: Remember when I said to stop doing that? I swear that you're gonna freak me out. Man, you did it, didn't you? You happy now? (runs away)

Tony Stark: By the way, when you said your sister had a watch... I was kind of hoping for something a little more adult than that. (shows his cool new watch with Dora The Explorer on it)

Harley Keener: She's six. Anyway, it's a limited edition.

Tony Stark: What are you doing? You're gonna break his finger? He's in pain. He's been injured. Leave him alone.

Harley Keener: Sorry.

Tony Stark: Are you? Don't worry about it, I'll fix it.

Harley Keener: What's that thing on your chest?

Tony Stark: It's an electromagnet. You should know, you got a box of them right here.

Harley Keener: What does it power?

(Tony steps away so he can see the Iron Man suit)

Harley Keener: Oh, my God. That... That's... Is that Iron Man?

Tony Stark: Technically, I am.

Harley Keener: Technically, you're dead. (hands him the paper)

Tony Stark: Valid point.

Harley Keener: What happened to him?

Tony Stark: Life. I built him. I take care of him. I'll fix him.

Harley Keener is a character from the Marvel Universe

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