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Hannah Baker: You made me paranoid, Tyler. So now... I'm giving that to you. Maybe I'll never know why you did what you did. But I can make you understand how it felt to be me. That's why I'm outside your window, Tyler. And after people hear this, I bet I won't be the only one. Knock knock, Tyler.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): Like I said, we're a society of stalkers. We're all guilty. We all look. We all think things we're ashamed of. The only difference is, Tyler... you got caught.

Courtney Crimsen (about her parents): That was the first time I've ever lied to either of them.

Hannah Baker: Welcome to the dark side. Muhahaha.

Clay Jensen: Vampires, aliens, even werewolves, I get it. I get the motivation, I get the metaphors, right? But, like, zombies? They're just... They're just stupid.

Hannah Baker: So you hate zombies? You're a zombie racist.

Clay Jensen: Just, like, I don't understand 'em. What's their story? They don't want to take over the world, kill their masters, anything interesting. They're not good or evil. They're just hungry... for brains. I mean, like, brains.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): It seems like nothing. Until the hurricane hits. Because when you put my name on that list, you put a target on my... well, it wasn't just my ass. You made it open season on Hannah Baker.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): Maybe you think I'm being silly. I'm some stupid girl who gets all worked up over a little thing. But little things matter.

Hannah Baker: Do you think I could ever be as pretty as Jessica Davis? (awkward silence) Great. Thanks. Got it.

Clay Jensen: No, I-I just... I mean, yeah, Jessica's pretty and all, but you're special.

Hannah Baker: Special. Like retarded.

Clay Jensen: Did I say retarded? I didn't say retarded, and I don't think we're supposed to use that word anymore.

Hannah Baker: Regardless... I saw you try to be kind... and, you know, fail.

Jessica Davis: Hot chocolate is the cure for all things sh*tty in life.

Hannah Baker: I got sh*t that needs curing, too.

Jessica Davis: Mrs. Antilly, I'm sure Hillary is awesome, but...

Hannah Baker: If we're gonna be great friends, you should know my name is Hannah.

Jessica Davis: What did I call you?

Hannah Baker: Hillary.

Jessica Davis: That's not your name?

Hannah Baker: No. Hannah.

Jessica Davis: Crap. I already got your best friend necklace engraved with "Hillary."

Hannah Baker: Any students named Hillary we can set up with Jennifer?

Jessica Davis: Jessica.

Hannah Baker: Sorry. Jezebel.

Jessica Davis: No problem, Harriet.

Hannah Baker: Ooh. Can I actually get a Jezebel? She'd be an amazing friend.

Mrs. Antilly: See? See, the senses of humor on you two. It's a perfect match!

Hannah Baker (from the tape): I think you know exactly what you did. And after these tapes, you'll never forget it. I know I won't. Oh, and, uh, by the way... I'm still dead.

Clay Jensen: Sometimes it’s better to wait.

Hannah Baker: Wow. Okay, meaning what?

Clay Jensen: Just that, um… Nothing. I mean…

Hannah Baker: Pardon me, but you really hurt my feelings.