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Gravik: I didn't fail. That plane would have been valuable. Finding the traitor was essential. Go on, turn around.

G'iah: No. You will look at me. And you'll ask yourself, are you a leader of Skrulls or our worst enemy?

Talos: You're gonna take our people to the edge of extinction with the war with the humans.

Gravik: All these miscreants know is murder. Look how they treat each other. That's what's gonna happen. We're gonna murder them all.

Talos: You don't understand the first thing about humans. They're at their most formidable when they're threatened by a common foe.

(Gravik and Talos meet in the museum, talking next to the painting 'Statesmen of World War I.')

Gravik: You know, the difference between statesmen and soldiers. You see,'cause one lot spends the war posing for pictures, while the other does all the killing and the dying. I mean, look at the fat smug smile on his face. You ask me, Talos, choice between having my story told in ink and oil paint or having it written in blood, I choose blood all day long.

Talos: Yours and everyone else's. Huh?

Gravik: Yeah.

Talos (mockingly): Brave.

Shirley Sagar (to Gravik and members of council): I fear each one of you has forgotten our history. We did not end up homeless refugees because we were unwilling to wage war. We ended up homeless refugees because we were too willing. I do not support your coup. I will not support your war. And I do not submit.

Gravik: If I had another 100 like you, I could take on the universe.

Gravik (to Skrull council): I think it's a war! And unlike the last war each one of us around this table fought in, I'm not gonna lose this one. Humans are doomed to self-destruction. Long before we arrived on this planet, they were destined to consume themselves. So, for anyone flinching at the thought of innocent deaths, let me assure you, we're only hastening the inevitable. Put your faith in me. And I promise, your loyalty will be repaid.

Sergio Caspani: Better to behave as a human than as a dog.

Gravik: Well, I quite like dogs. In fact, I prefer'em. Dogs aren't hypocrites. And they don't lie. They don't lock each other up in cages. They don't pimp, poison, and they don't go out of their way to degrade and destroy their own habitat.

Sergio Caspani: A naive reading of human history.

Gravik: It's the only reading of human history.

Gravik is a character from the Marvel Universe

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