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"While the devil's horns

Minced our tender meat

And so cried the witcher

He can't be bleat..."

Geralt: That's not how it happened. Where's your newfound respect?

Jaskier: Respect doesn't make history.

Filavandrel: The humans will attack. Many will die... on both sides.

Geralt: The lesser evil. No matter what you choose, you'll come out bloody and hating yourself.

Geralt: You talk.

Torque: Of course I talk!

Geralt: What happened with you? Your mother f*ck a goat?

Torque: I am Torque the Sylvan, a rare and intelligent creature!

Geralt: You're a d*ck. With balls.

Torque: Balls I got from humans, who left our food filled with iron meant to poison me! (pulls out a strand of hair from Geralt's head) Did your mother f*ck a snowman?

Geralt: You are intelligent, I'll give you that.

Jaskier: Geralt? Wh-Where are you going? Geralt, don't leave me. Hello? What are we looking for again?

Geralt: Blessed silence.

Jaskier: Yeah, I don't really go in for that.

Geralt: Go away.

Jaskier: I won't be but silent back-up. Look, I heard your note, and, yes, you're right, maybe real adventures would make better stories. And you, sir, smell chock-full of them. Amongst other things. I mean, what is that? Is that onion? It doesn't matter. Whatever it is, you smell of death and destiny. Heroics and heartbreak.

Geralt: It's onion.

Renfri: People call you a monster too.

Geralt: A mutant.

Renfri: What if they come after you? Attack you?

Geralt: They have.

Renfri: Why not kill them?

Geralt: Because then... I am what they say I am.