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Amy Bendix: Everybody knows that three-card monte's a scam. But they still come back to the table. 'Cause they think they can outsmart the game. Or they need the money. Every mark has a reason.

Frank Castle: Yeah? What's mine?

Amy Bendix: You think you can beat anybody, no matter how stacked the deck. And you're bored. And you drink too much coffee. The frustration keeps you playing. You hardly ever see girls playing this game, right? It's always guys, 'cause they want to win.

Frank Castle: What's the alternative?

Amy Bendix: Be smart. Don't play.

Amy Bendix: They killed your whole family right in front of you. Why... Why didn't you tell me that? And you killed them for it.

Frank Castle: Yeah. That's right.

Amy Bendix: Did it make you feel better?

Frank Castle: Sometimes.

Sheriff Hardin: Why did you tie her up?

Frank Castle: She's ungrateful. Kids today, they got no manners.

(Frank picks up duck tape...)

Amy Bendix: No, no, no. You don't need that again. Trust me.

Frank Castle: No? I don't need this? You sure?

Amy Bendix: Promise.

Frank Castle: Yeah?

Amy Bendix: Yeah.

Frank Castle: Let me explain something. The only reason you're around right now is because of me. You see, they're comin' after us both now. That's where you got lucky. See, the way I operate, the way I handle situations like this... I kill the enemy before they get to me. That's what I do.

Amy Bendix: Mmm. That's a real... that's a really interesting philosophy. Yeah, real sustainable.

(Amy is making a conversation with Frank while she's taking out a bullet out of his behind)

Amy Bendix: Is this, like, normal behavior for you? Like, getting shot, I mean.

Frank Castle: Well, not in the ass. First time for that.

Frank Castle: The only place you're going is in that office to get us a room.

Amy Bendix: I'll need some money. (Frank hands her money covered in blood) Not suspicious at all.

Rex: Donatello's! I want pancakes.

Frank Castle: I like pancakes. I do. I really like pancakes. What do you say?

Rex: Come on, Mom.

Frank Castle: Come on, Mom.

Beth Quinn: This is your last chance to escape.

Frank Castle: I don't want a chance to escape. I want pancakes.

Beth Quinn: Frank. Suits you better, you know?

Frank Castle: Yeah. I mean, sh*t, it could be Eugene. You imagine?

Beth Quinn: No.

Frank Castle: I've always hated that name. Eugene.

Beth Quinn: I love Frank.

Frank Castle: Look, my past, just... it's my past. You know? The only thing that matters here is that my sh*t, my issues, they won't come to your front door, you know. And that's... That's... That's a promise.

Beth Quinn: God d*mn. I should throw you out right now. But somehow I don't feel like I need to. Stupid, maybe.

Frank Castle: Frank. My name, it's... it's not Pete, it's Frank.

Beth Quinn: Uh... Okay, so I'm confused.

Frank Castle: Look, I did some sh*t that could... embarrass some people. They're powerful people, so I get to be Pete. They get to not be embarrassed.

Beth Quinn: All that moving around, it must get lonely, huh?

Frank Castle: I had this friend, said that... we're all lonely. And all life is, is just trying not to be.

Beth Quinn: I'd say that's... spot on. It was a woman who told you that, wasn't it?

Frank Castle: Yeah, it was.

Beth Quinn: I'm not lonely right now.

Frank Castle: Yeah, I ain't lonely either.

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