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Dan Espinoza: Hey, uh, as a thank you for watching Trixie, maybe we can go grab that coffee sometime?

Charlotte Richards: Uh, we got coffee this morning.

Dan Espinoza: Yeah.

Charlotte Richards: I'm kidding, Dan.

Trixie Espinoza: Dinner would be more romantic.

Charlotte Richards: Dinner it is.

Dan Espinoza: It's okay by me. (whispered to Trixie): You are the best wingman ever.

Charlotte Richards: I switched to prosecution to try and be a better person... but I'm not helping anyone. I just keep screwing things up. I was really good at being the old me. The best. But I know I need to make a change. And I suck at it.

Dan Espinoza: No one expects you to change overnight. It's hard to be one of the good guys. Look, I screw up, too. I've made plenty of mistakes, believe me. But I don't quit... and I know that counts for something. At least you're trying, right?

Dan Espinoza: I don't like Lucifer.

Reese Getty: Really?

Dan Espinoza: For starters, someone's been stealing my pudding. And I don't think it's a coincidence that it all started when he showed up.

Dan Espinoza (to Lucifer): Dude, I cannot deal with your weirdness right now.

Dan Espinoza (talking to himself): How can I even eat this after what I've seen? Is someone trying to tell me something?

Lucifer Morningstar: Well, if He is, don't let Him inside your head. Learn from my mistakes, Daniel.

Mazikeen: You're a cop and you don't have your gun?

Dan Espinoza: I'm supposed to be on vacation.

Mazikeen: A boring one, apparently.

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