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Cersei Lannister: Please don't let me die. I don't want to die. Not like this. Not like this. Not like this.

Jaime Lannister: Just look... Look at me. Look at me. Look... Look... Look me in the eye. Don't look away. Don't look... Look at me! Just look at me. Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Only us.

Cersei Lannister: Twenty-thousand men, is it?

Harry Strickland: Yes, Your Grace. A few died in transit.

Euron Greyjoy: They cheated at dice. Or maybe I cheated. Someone cheated. They weren't good fighters. You won't miss them.

Jaime Lannister: I pledged to ride north. I intend to honor that pledge.

Cersei Lannister: And that will be treason.

Jaime Lannister: Treason?

Cersei Lannister: Disobeying your queen's command, fighting with her enemies. What would you call it?

Jaime Lannister: Doesn't matter what I'd call it.

Cersei Lannister: I told you no one walks away from me.

Jaime Lannister: Are you going to order him to kill me? I'm the only one you have left. Our children are gone, our father is gone. It's just me and you now.

Cersei Lannister: There's one more yet to come.

Jaime Lannister: Give the order, then. (Cersei nods and The Mountain pulls his sword) I don't believe you. (Jaime leaves)

Cersei Lannister (to Jaime): Do you really think Euron Greyjoy turned tail and sailed back to the Iron Islands? Do you think he abandoned the chance to marry the queen? No one walks away from me. He's sailing with his fleet to Essos. He's going to ferry the Golden Company back here to help us win the war for Westeros.

Cersei Lannister: I always knew you were the stupidest Lannister. The Starks and Targaryens have united against us, and you want to fight alongside them? Are you a traitor or an idiot?

Jaime Lannister: You pledged our forces to fight our common enemy...

Cersei Lannister: I'll say whatever I need to say to ensure the survival of our house.

Tyrion Lannister: I think she will make the world a better place.

Cersei Lannister: You said she'd destroy King's Landing.

Tyrion Lannister: She knows herself. She chose an advisor who would check her worst impulses instead of feeding them. That's the difference between you.

Cersei Lannister: If those things come for us, there will be no kingdoms to rule. Everything we suffered will have been for nothing. Everything we lost will have been for nothing. The crown accepts your truce. Until the dead are defeated, they are the true enemy. In return, the King in the North will extend this truce. He will remain in the North where he belongs. He will not take up arms against the Lannisters. He will not choose sides.

Tyrion Lannister: We are a group of people who do not like one another, as this recent demonstration has shown. We have suffered at each other's hands. We have lost people we love at each other's hands. If all we wanted was more of the same, there would be no need for this gathering. We are entirely capable of waging war against each other without meeting face-to-face.

Cersei Lannister: So instead, we should settle our differences and live together in harmony for the rest of our days?

Tyrion Lannister: We all know that will never happen.

Cersei Lannister: Then why are we here?

Jon Snow: This isn't about living in harmony. It's just about living.

Jaime Lannister: Who will you say is the father?

Cersei Lannister: You.

Jaime Lannister: People won't like that.

Cersei Lannister: Do you remember what Father used to say about people?

Jaime Lannister: The lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.

Tycho Nestoris: The Iron Bank appreciates how you cast off the yoke of superstition, freeing the crown from elements who sought to subvert the rule of law.

Cersei Lannister: The destruction of the Sept of Baelor was a tragic accident.

Tycho Nestoris: Indeed, but sometimes tragedies are necessary to restore order and rational leadership.

Cersei Lannister: You've proven yourself the greatest captain on the fourteen seas and a true friend to the crown.

Euron Greyjoy: You deserve more than a true friend.

Cersei Lannister: And you deserve a proper reward for your heroism.

Euron Greyjoy: There's only one reward I want.

Cersei Lannister: You shall have what your heart desires... when the war is won.

Cersei Lannister: You murdered your own brother.

Euron Greyjoy: You should try it. Feels wonderful.

Jaime Lannister (about Daenerys): Dragonstone. They have deep-water ports for the ships. Stannis left the castle unoccupied, and that's where she was born.

Cersei Lannister: Enemies to the east. Enemies to the south... Ellaria Sand and her brood of b*tches. Enemies to the west... Olenna, the old c*nt. Another traitor. Enemies to the north. Ned Stark's b*stard has been named King in the North and that murdering wh*re Sansa stands beside him. Enemies everywhere. We're surrounded by traitors.

Cersei Lannister: You've been quiet since you came home. Are you angry with me?

Jaime Lannister: No, not angry.

Cersei Lannister: Are you afraid of me?

Jaime Lannister: Should I be?

Cersei Lannister (to Unella): I do things because they feel good. I drink because it feels good. I killed my husband because it felt good to be rid of him. I f*ck my brother because it feels good to feel him inside me. I lie about f*cking my brother... because it feels good to keep our son safe from hateful hypocrites. I killed your High Sparrow... and all his little sparrows... all his septons, all his septas, all his filthy soldiers, because it felt good to watch them burn. It felt good to imagine their shock and their pain. No thought has ever given me greater joy.

Cersei Lannister is a character from Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones Quotes

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