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Brienne of Tarth: Who taught you how to do that?

Arya Stark: No one.

Sansa Stark: How did you get back to Winterfell?

Arya Stark: It's a long story. I imagine yours is, too.

Sansa Stark: Yes. Not a very pleasant one.

Arya Stark: Mine neither. But our stories aren't over yet.

Sansa Stark: No, they're not.

Arya Stark: Take care of yourself, Hot Pie. Try not to get killed.

Hot Pie: Ah, I won't. I'm like you, Arry. I'm a survivor.

Lannister soldier: So, why is a nice girl on her own heading to King's Landing?

Arya Stark: I'm going to kill the queen.

The Waif: Who are you?

Arya Stark: No one. (Waif hits her) Ow! C*nt!

The Waif: A lie, a sad little lie. Who are you?

Arya Stark: I told you, I'm no... (Waif hits her again) Do that again, and... (and again)

The Waif: Who are you?

Arya Stark: You're about to find out.

(Arya reaches for her sword, but they're interupted by Jaqen)

Man: That's a nice little sword. Worth a hundred pigeons a sword like that.

Arya Stark: Nothing's worth anything to dead men.

Arya Stark: Cersei... Walder Frey... The Mountain... Meryn Trant. Cersei... Walder Frey... The Mountain... Meryn Trant. Cersei... Walder Frey... The Mountain... Meryn Trant. Cersei... Walder Frey... The Mountain... Meryn Trant. Cersei... Walder Frey... The Mountain... Meryn Trant...

Sandor Clegane: You still here? Big b*tch saved you.

Arya Stark: I don't need saving.

Sandor Clegane: No, not you. You're a real killer. With your water dancing and your Needle.

Arya Stark: You gonna die?

Sandor Clegane: Unless there's a maester hiding behind that rock, aye, I'm done. I'd skin you alive for wine. F*ck water. Killed by a woman. I bet you like that. Go on, go after her. She'll help you. Going it alone, you won't last a day out there.

Arya Stark: I'll last longer than you.

Sandor Clegane: You remember where the heart is? F*ck it. I'm ready. Go on, girl. Another name off your list. You kept promising me. I cut down your butcher's boy. The ginger. He was begging for mercy. "Please, Ser. Please don't kill me. Please, please." Bled all over my horse. Saddle stunk of butcher's boy for weeks. And your sister. Your pretty sister. I should have taken her. That night the Blackwater burned. I should have f*cked her bloody. At least I'd have one happy memory. Do I have to beg you? Do it. Do it. Do it. (Arya takes his gold and leaves) Kill me. Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!

Sandor Clegane: My brother gave me this. It was just like you said a while back. Pressed me to the fire like I was a nice juicy mutton chop.

Arya Stark: Why?

Sandor Clegane: Thought I stole one of his toys. I didn't steal it. I was just playing with it. The pain was bad. The smell was worse. But the worst thing was that it was my brother who did it. My father, who protected him... told everyone my bedding caught fire.

Arya Stark: Joffrey. Cersei. Walder Frey. Meryn Trant. Tywin Lannister. The Red Woman. Beric Dondarrion. Thoros of Myr. Ilyn Payne. The Mountain.

Sandor Clegane: Would you shut up?

Arya Stark: I can't sleep until I say the names.

Sandor Clegane: The names of every f**king person in Westeros?

Arya Stark: Only the ones I'm going to kill.

Sandor Clegane: Hate's as good a thing as any to keep a person going. Better than most. We come across my brother, maybe we can both cross a name off our list.

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