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Magnus Bane: Just tell me you're in love with Lydia, and I'll stop.

Alec Lightwood: I don't know. Why do you keep pushing? You're confusing me.

Magnus Bane: Confusion is part of it. That's how you find out if something's there. Emotions are never black and white. They're more like symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath. I know you feel what I feel, Alec.

Magnus Bane: For the right price.

Alec Lightwood: Name it.

Magnus Bane: You. In fact, I’ll do you pro bono.

Jace Wayland: Come with me. We'll fight Valentine the right way... together.

Alec Lightwood: If we do that... we'll be considered traitors like Mom and Dad.

Jace Wayland: I'm begging you, my parabatai... my brother. Please, Alec, come with me.

Alec Lightwood: No.

Alec Lightwood: I'm getting married.

Magnus Bane: Whoa! That's a tad sudden, isn't it? I mean, we should at least go to dinner first...

Isabelle Lightwood: You're on Alec's side now?

Alec Lightwood: We swore to protect each other, of course he's on my side.

Jace Wayland: I'm not picking sides. Jace Wayland is Switzerland.

Alec Lightwood: I’ve done everything for my parents… for the Clave and… I’ve done everything that they’ve asked.

Magnus Bane: Maybe you should start living for yourself. Do what’s in your heart.

Alec Lightwood: I can’t believe I’m saying this. I think you’re right.

Isabelle Lightwood: Slept at Magnus' place?

Alec Lightwood: Didn't do much sleeping. I was helping treat Luke's wounds. That's all.

Isabelle Lightwood: Really?

Alec Lightwood: What?

Isabelle Lightwood: Nothing. I believe you.

Alec Lightwood: Okay, Magnus made cocktails. I'm telling you, nothing else happened.

Alec Lightwood (to Izzy): I have followed every rule. I’ve given up everything! Screw the rules. Screw them. Screw all of this.

Alec Lightwood (to Maryse): We’re Lightwoods. We break noses and accept the consequences.

Clary Fray: This is from when Simon and I were engaged to be married.

Alec Lightwood: You were engaged? I’m almost certain I don’t wanna hear this story…

Simon Lewis: We were eight years old.

Clary Fray: That was a whole other world ago.