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Alex: Hey. We won.

Henry: Yeah. We won.

(While waiting for the election results...)

June: Nora, what's the math? I majored in nouns.

Nora: Alex, this is genius. Okay—listen. You go to law school, I go to grad school, June becomes a speechwriter-slash-author Rebecca Traister–Roxane Gay voice of a generation, I become the data scientist who saves the world, and you—

Alex: —become a badass civil rights attorney with an illustrious Captain America-esque career of curb-stomping discriminatory laws and fighting for the disenfranchised—

Nora: —and you and Henry become the world's favorite geopolitical power couple—

Alex: —and by the time I'm Rafael Luna's age—

Nora: —people are going to be begging you to run for Senate. Yeah. So, like, a lot slower than planned. But.

Alex: Yeah. It sounds good.

Alex: It's weird. My whole life, I was hanging on to this imaginary future person I was gonna be. Like, the plan— graduation, campaigns, staffer, Congress. That was it. Straight into the game. I was gonna be the person who could do that... who wanted that. And now here I am, and the person I've become is... not that person.

Nora: But do you like him?

Alex: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Bea: All this fund-raising for sobriety is going to drive me to drink. That's drunk humor for you, Alex.

(Alex and Henry are being photographed in Hyde Park for royal PR...)

Henry: If Alex from this time last year could see this.

Alex: He'd say, "Oh, I'm in love with Henry? That must be why I'm such a berk to him all the time."

Henry: I've got to handle that on my own before you come back over.

Alex: That's fair. But soon?

Henry: Absolutely. You've got the royal suitor photos to take, the Christmas cards to sign... Oh, I wonder if they'll have you do a line of skincare products like Martha—

Alex: Stop. You're enjoying this too much.

Henry: I'm enjoying it the perfect amount.

(From Alex's speech...)

Alex: Every person who bears a legacy makes the choice of a partner with whom they will share it, whom the American people will hold beside them in hearts and memories and history books. America: He is my choice.

(Alex is about to broadcast a speech with Henry by his side...)

Henry: Five minutes for the rest of our lives.

Alex: You are the absolute worst idea I've ever had.

Nora: Sorry. I drank like nine Red Bulls to get through all of those and ate a weed gummy to level back out, so I'm flying at fasten-seat-belts right now.

Amy: I have Bluebonnet and Barracuda, on the move.

June (to Alex): I still can't believe you picked that for your stupid code name.

Philip: I still don't think—

(Bea spills tea on his lap...)

Bea: Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Pip! (starts pushing him toward the door) So dreadfully clumsy. You know, I think all that cocaine I did must have really done a job on my reflexes! Let's go get you cleaned up, shall we?

(She throws Henry and thumbs-up as door closes behind them.)

Catherine: I'm sorry, Henry. I've failed you. I've failed all of you. You needed your mum, and I wasn't there. And I was so frightened that I started to think maybe it was for the best, to let you all be kept behind glass. Look at them, Mum. They're not props of a legacy. They're my children. And I swear on my life, and Arthur's, I will take you off the throne before I will let them feel the things you made me feel.

Catherine (to Queen): We can have a real legacy here, of hope, and love, and change.

Queen (to Henry): The country simply will not accept a prince of his proclivities. I am sorry, dear, but to them, it's perverse.

Catherine: Perverse to them or perverse to you? We haven't even gotten a chance yet to see how people will react.

Queen: I have been serving this country for forty-seven years, Catherine. I believe I know its heart by now. As I have told you since you were a little girl, you must remove your head from the clouds—

Bea: Oh, will you all shut up for a second? Look.

(She shows the news on tablet - worldwide support and rallies for Henry and Alex)

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Top 10 Unforgettable Quotes from Red, White & Royal Blue (Book)

  1. “As your mother, I can appreciate that maybe this isn’t your fault, but as the president, all I want is to have the CIA fake your death and ride the dead-kid sympathy into a second term. “ – Ellen Claremont (to Alex)
  2. “I think it’s amazing. Sworn enemies forced to make peace to settle tensions between their countries? There’s something totally Shakespearean about it.” – Nora Holleran (to Alex)
  3. “Oh my God, this is like all those romantic comedies where the girl hires a male escort to pretend to be her wedding date and then falls in love with him for real.” – June Claremont-Diaz (about Alex and Henry)
  4. “The moment you first called me a prick, my fate was sealed.” – Prince Henry (to Alex)
  5. “You need to figure out if you feel forever about him.” – Ellen Claremont (to Alex about Henry)
  6. “Thinking about history makes me wonder how I’ll fit into it one day, I guess. And you too. I kinda wish people still wrote like that. History, huh? Bet we could make some.” – Alex Claremont-Diaz (to Henry)
  7. “Sometimes you just jump and hope it’s not a cliff.” – Oscar Diaz (to Alex)
  8. “You are the absolute worst idea I’ve ever had.” – Alex Claremont-Diaz (to Henry)
  9. “We can have a real legacy here, of hope, and love, and change.” – Catherine (to the Queen)
  10. “Look at them, Mum. They’re not props of a legacy. They’re my children. And I swear on my life, and Arthur’s, I will take you off the throne before I will let them feel the things you made me feel.” – Catherine (to the Queen)



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Red, White & Royal Blue Book Quotes

Red, White & Royal Blue Book Quotes


Title: Red, White & Royal Blue
Author: Casey McQuiston
Genres: Comedy, LGBT, Romance
Release Date: May 14, 2019

Synopsis / Summary

First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz is the closest thing to a prince this side of the Atlantic. With his intrepid sister and the Veep’s genius granddaughter, they’re the White House Trio, a beautiful millennial marketing strategy for his mother, President Ellen Claremont. International socialite duties do have downsides—namely, when photos of a confrontation with his longtime nemesis Prince Henry at a royal wedding leak to the tabloids and threaten American/British relations. The plan for damage control: staging a fake friendship between the First Son and the Prince.

As President Claremont kicks off her reelection bid, Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret relationship with Henry that could derail the campaign and upend two nations. What is worth the sacrifice? How do you do all the good you can do? And, most importantly, how will history remember you? (Goodreads)

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