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Clary Fray

Simon Lewis: I found out Jace isn't your brother. I was thinking maybe, um, maybe the reason you didn't tell me is 'cause you guys used to have a thing. So now that he's not your brother...

Clary Fray: No! Oh, Simon. OK, look. The reason I didn't tell you is I... I didn't want you to worry and spin. Instead, all I've made you do is worry and spin. I'm so sorry.

Simon Lewis: So we're good?

Clary Fray: I am not that easy to get rid of.


Clary Fray: How did you do it? You activated a rune without your stele.

Jace Wayland: I don't know. Saw you lying there. And it just kind of... ignited. On its own.

Clary Fray: None of this makes sense. But we'll figure it out. The two of us.


Clary Fray (to Jace): Emotions serve a purpose. You don't go through what you just went through, witnessing all that death and not feel something, Jace! It's not good for you! Just feel something. Whether you think it clouds your judgment or not.


Alec Lightwood (to Clary): You did this. You activated the sword?

Clary Fray: No.

Jace Wayland: I did it. I thought I was destroying it, Alec, but…

Alec Lightwood: Where’s Magnus? He wasn’t here, was he?

Jace Wayland: I… I don’t know.

Clary Fray: We portaled in upstairs. We split up.

Alec Lightwood: Oh, God.


Jace Wayland: I don’t understand. How did I activate the sword?

Clary Fray: Only someone with pure angel blood could have done it. You don’t have demon blood, Jace.


Clary Fray (to Jace): Simon is innocent, in all of this. The only reason Valentine took him captive is because I care about him.


Clary Fray (to Luke): Luke, this has nothing to do with you. You always told me to read the fine print. Well, I guess, uh, now I know why.


Magnus Bane: La Chair Brulee.

Clary Fray: I’m guessing that’s not a dessert.

Magnus Bane: It means “the burnt flesh.” It’s an old blood oath spell.


Clary Fray: Magnus, what happens if we don’t find your spell book?

Magnus Bane: That’s not an option you want to explore. That book can undo every spell I’ve ever cast. From the elementary to the complex.


Simon Lewis: Was it, you know… Weird?

Clary Fray: Yeah. In the best way possible.


Clary Fray: You said angels were rare, that almost no one had ever seen one.

Cleophas: It’s unheard of. Iron Sisters hear the angels whisper when we’re forging our weapons, but even we’ve never seen one. To communicate with one, you must be blessed by the angels. Clary… you are blessed.


Clary Fray: We can do it together.

Isabelle Lightwood: I’m kind of over this whole togetherness thing.


Clary Fray: So, you guys are hanging out? (Simon and Maia)

Simon Lewis: Yeah, I mean… That’s okay, right?

Clary Fray (jokingly): No, that’s unacceptable. I am your only friend. It’s in the bylaws. Come on.


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