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Alexandra Reid (to Elektra): You were born. You lived and died. And what you saw on the other side... the darkness, the absence of everything... it's horrifying, isn't it? I have seen it, too. More than once. And all I want in this life is never to see it again. But now that we've been brought together... that's not something we need to worry about.

Colleen Wing: All I'm saying is you're not the only person the Hand has ever hurt. It was his fight, too. And mine. You're not alone in this.

Danny Rand: So what? We just go and find a team to join? An army?

Colleen Wing: He sent us back to New York. Maybe there are people here. It's a shot in the dark, but I think it's one worth taking.

Colleen Wing: Greatest city in the world.

Danny Rand: Yeah. New Yorkers like saying that. Still, after all this time, I... I don't know how I feel about it.

Colleen Wing: That's the beauty of it. It can be whatever you need it to be.

Danny Rand: What do you need it to be?

Colleen Wing: Home.

Father Lantom: "The Lord sees not as man sees. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord... looks on the heart."

Matt Murdock: If you could elaborate, Father.

Father Lantom: Ignoring doesn't change anything, Matthew. God knows your heart. Let him in so he can help.

Matt Murdock: Even if that heart is damaged?

Father Lantom: Especially if it's damaged.

Claire Temple: How does being Harlem's hero allow you to live an actual life?

Luke Cage: I'll find a way. Right now, just... I just wanna help people.

Matt Murdock: That money is really gonna help your parents. But for you, from here on out... it's only gonna get harder, Aaron. You realize you're only at mile one of the marathon... right? Everybody's gonna tell you how to feel. Doctors are gonna tell you to stay positive. Your family's gonna tell you not to feel sorry for yourself. Your therapist is gonna tell you not to be angry...

Aaron: I'm already angry.

Matt Murdock: At who?

Aaron: Everyone. I just want my life back.

Matt Murdock: They can't give you that. Maybe you'll walk again. I hope so. But maybe you won't. But your ability to get through it... as this gets harder... that is a hundred times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything's just fine.

Luke Cage: I'm not starting over, Mr. Nelson. I'm moving forward.

Foggy Nelson: People call me Foggy.

Luke Cage: And you let them?

Luke Cage: Do I know you?

Foggy Nelson: Franklin Nelson. I ran point on your case. We spoke on the phone... a lot.

Luke Cage: You spoke a lot.

Foggy Nelson: As long as it worked.

Trish Walker: You know what your problem is?

Jessica Jones: Sentences that start like that.

Trish Walker: You're not comfortable with what you've become. Jessica, you are now a full-blown superhe...

Jessica Jones: Do not say the H-word.

Trish Walker (to Jessica): Only you could turn that big personal victory into a defeat.

Danny Rand: We make quite a team.

Jessica Jones: No?

Danny Rand: What are you talking about? Bulletproof, blind ninja, whatever it is you are.

Jessica Jones: Classy.

Alexandra Reid: The more connections you have, the easier it will be to break you.

Stick: You four - The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, the smartass detective, the righteous ex-con and the kid with a glowing fist - the war for New York is here. So get your sh*t together.

Danny Rand: I'm the immortal Iron Fist.

Luke Cage: You're what?

Claire Temple: You're on the same side.

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