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Wrecker: I'm fine. It'll take more than a blaster shot to take me down.

Echo: You were down.

Wrecker: Yeah, well, not for long.

Saw Gerrera: Palpatine will have control over the entire galaxy. Unless we stop him.

Crosshair: The war is over.

Saw Gerrera: If we give up now, everything we fought for... everyone we lost, will have been for nothing. I won't let that happen. The Clone War may have ended, but a civil war is about to begin.

Wrecker: A new mission and unlimited explosives. Things are back to normal.

Tech: That's not going near my rack. I refuse to sleep by a projectile again.

Wrecker: I'll say this for the Empire, they know firepower. You should see the new armory.

Crosshair: He actually cried.

Wrecker: Hey, we both did.

(Hunter is giving Tech and Wrecker instructions through hand signals...)

Wrecker: I hate hand signals.

Tech: Perhaps if you memorized them.

Wrecker: Why don't you memorize them?

Tech: I have. (Tech translates it in simple word to Wrecker): What we did on Felucia.

Wrecker: Well, why didn't you just say that?

Shock Trooper: Admiral Tarkin has requested to see more of your squad in action.

Tech: Then we are not being reprimanded?

Shock Trooper: No, you're being tested. Now, go gear up.

Wrecker: So, we're not in trouble, and they want us to fight more? Ha! Maybe this Empire thing's not so bad after all.

AZI-3 (to the Bad Batch): CT-1409's condition is stable. But I have some distressing news for the rest of you. According to your test results, you all appear to be genetically defective clones. I will leave you to process the shock of this revelation.

Hunter: An Imperial's been sent to evaluate the clones. Everybody's talking about it.

Echo: What kind of evaluation?

Tech: Hopefully not mental. Clearly we'd never pass that.

Admiral Tarkin: Emperor Palpatine's priorities have changed. With the war at an end, the need for future clones is being questioned.

Lama Su: Our contracts stipulate the continued production.

Admiral Tarkin: Your contracts were with the Republic, which no longer exists.

Lama Su: Surely you realize the precarious state this newly formed Empire is in. Clone troopers will be needed to maintain order throughout the galaxy.

Admiral Tarkin: Indeed. A service conscription soldiers could provide at half the cost.

Lama Su: The skill level and efficiency of our clones is far superior to that of any recruited body.

Tech: This isn't a drill.

Wrecker: Man. What did we miss now?

Shock Trooper: The end of the war.

Hunter: Say again, Trooper.

Shock Trooper: General Grievous was defeated on Utapau. The Separatist leadership has collapsed. The war is over.

(The Bad Batch are returning to Kamino...)

Wrecker: It's good to be home. How long has it been?

Tech: One hundred and eighty rotations in a standard cycle, but galactic zone changes put the adjusted figure at around 205.

Wrecker: What?

Echo (sighs): A long time.

(Caleb escapes...)

Crosshair: Where's the Jedi?

Hunter: I stunned him when he jumped. He didn't make it.

Wrecker: Let's blow something up. Yeah!

Depa Billaba: Well, Caleb, shall we let them do what they do?

Caleb Dume: Only if I can go with them.

Depa Billaba: Very well.

Hunter: Hey, kid. You ready for this? We move fast.

Caleb Dume: Good. That's the only way I know.

Wrecker (laughs): I like him.

Wrecker: Please tell me we are blowing something up.

Anakin Skywalker: Sorry, Wrecker, this is strictly stealth.

Wrecker: I hate that word.

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