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Isabelle Lightwood: Valentine didn’t come out of nowhere. We use our angel blood to justify everything we do, just like him. Like him, we forget that we are not only angels. We are part mundane. We can be afraid. And fear makes us cruel. And we turn our fear to Downworlders just as Valentine did. And just as he did… we will end up turning on each other.


Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael): I see how attached you are to her, but this kind of thing… doesn’t always make you stronger.

Jace Wayland: Shadowhunters have relationships.

Valentine Morgenstern: Yes, of course. When we find someone, it’s for life. But we’re also warriors, born to serve. And some of us are meant to render greater services than others. I thought you were one of those. Getting involved too deeply with any woman will only weaken your resolve.


Magnus Bane: For the right price.

Alec Lightwood: Name it.

Magnus Bane: You. In fact, I’ll do you pro bono.

Magnus Bane (to Alec): The Clave was so rigid and prejudiced back in what they call the Time of Angels that they didn’t dream of a Shadowhunter asking a Downworlder for help. They didn’t even bother to exclude us. So, since, as you all say… “the Law is the Law…” there’s no stopping me from slipping through this gaping loophole.


Isabelle Lightwood: I’d rather be stripped of my runes and sent into exile… than be part of this world. What kind of people sacrifice justice for law?


Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael to Clary): I’m… I feel as if I know you. You’re so much like your mother. You’re fearless, and loving, and you got a mind of your own. A little stubborn, perhaps? It served Jocelyn well. She hid you from Valentine long enough for you to grow up without him poisoning your mind.


Jace Wayland (about Valentine): Am I wrong to want to kill him?

Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael): Many have tried.

Jace Wayland: I’ll succeed. I swear.


Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael to Jace): You were only eight, but you were so brave. Do you remember what you said? “I’m ready to die.” And then I said, “Sometimes it’s as brave to live as it is to die.”


Jace Wayland: If Clary doesn't make it out of there soon, you're gonna be meditating six feet under.

Meliorn: Shadowhunter, have you ever seen a Seelie knight fight? I wouldn't be so cocky about your prowess if I were you.


Isabelle Lightwood: You know what, Lydia? You're no better than Valentine. But at least he had the guts to tell Downworlders to their faces he wanted them all dead. You... hide behind the Law.

Lydia Branwell: I don't hide behind it, Isabelle. I simply follow it. Because it guards against one very important thing. Shadowhunters fighting other Shadowhunters.


Hodge Starkweather: ...and almost broke when Magnus Bane helped me figure out what I was supposed to do with my life. Now? I run my own dojo.

Luke Garroway: After being mauled by a suspect's dog... Magnus helped me realize that maybe the police force wasn't my calling. So I opened up a rare bookstore. Now, I'm doing what I love. Thanks, Magnus Bane.

Magnus Bane: I'm Magnus Bane. Come in today for a tarot card and psychic reading. I'll help you find your way.

Luke Garroway: So, let me guess, your training stalled somewhere around here? Emotions running hot? Anything and everything makes you wanna vamp out?

Simon Lewis: It's like... it's like going through puberty all over again. Just with less zits.