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George Karim: Do you know my name?

Penelope Fittes: Well, yes, of course I do, Mr. Karim. I'm glad to see you're doing well. Wish you were still at my agency. I fired the fool that let you go.

George Karim: That's a shame. She was a fool, but she really fitted in there, actually.

Penelope Fittes: I could see how you might be more comfortable where you are.

Lucy Carlyle: Why do spiders love ghosts so much?

Anthony Lockwood: Who cares? They're excellent warnings.

Anthony Lockwood: We need you. And it's not because you're an asset.

Lucy Carlyle: Why, then?

Anthony Lockwood: Because... because you're... Lucy Carlyle. We can't let you go.

Lucy Carlyle: You have to. Barnes will shut you down. He knows I'm illegal.

Anthony Lockwood: That's why I went on TV, silly. Just to show Barnes he can shove his threats. Screw the rules. They bend the rules all the time. Why shouldn't we? I mean, why can't we change the rules?

Lucy Carlyle: Because we're nobodies.

Anthony Lockwood: No, we're not. We're Lockwood & Co. You, me, and George.

George Karim: Do you like... Italian?

Lucy Carlyle: If you mean pizza?

George Karim: That's exactly what I mean, and I know a really good place.

Quill Kipps (to Lucy): You won't stick around too long, sweetheart. Not when you find out what he's really like. Everyone leaves him in the end.

Anthony Lockwood: Her name's Lucy. My name's Lockwood. And you need a ladder.

Quill Kipps: Uh... No, I don't.

Anthony Lockwood: Yes, you do. (with a flick of his rapier, he makes Kipps' rapier stuck in the ceiling)

(Annabel Ward's ghost is in the house, George is about to go get his gear...)

George Karim: Okay. 20 seconds. Non-metaphorical.

(George comes out wearing a lot of gear and his rapier...)

Anthony Lockwood: All that and still no trousers?

George Karim: Trousers are for wimps.

George Karim: Ever since you hired her, things have gone downhill. What if she's unhinged?

Anthony Lockwood: She's not unhinged.

George Karim: You're hardly the best judge at these things. You need normal people around you.

Anthony Lockwood: You really think you're normal, George? If you were, you'd have stayed at Fittes, and we'd never be friends. You know, everyone pretends they've got things under control. DEPRAC, the big agencies. It's all a facade. The world's mad, and normal never fixed anything. We understand that. It's our USP. You get way too lost in the research, but you find the gold that everyone else misses. And, yeah, Lucy can be a bit... quirky, but she's one of us. I'm sure of it.

Lucy Carlyle (about Lockwood and George): I don't even know where I've ended up. Some... tiny agency run by two boys. A posh one who thinks he's God's gift, and his weird mate with zero social skills.

Mrs. Carlyle: First thing tomorrow, I am taking you to Jacobs, and you'll apologize. You'll admit you're to blame and ask him to take you back. If he doesn't, you will beg until he does. Do you understand?

Lucy Carlyle: Yes. I understand that you don't care about me. Or Norrie. Or the truth. She was my best friend. We were a family. You think I'd ever do anything to hurt any of them?

Mrs. Carlyle: That's enough.

Lucy Carlyle: No, it's not. All my life, you treated me like I was nothing, till I could make you a bit of money. All I wanted is for you to love me. But you're incapable. You can't feel anything. You are deader than dead. (mother slaps her)

Mrs. Carlyle: He's expecting us at nine.

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