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Clint Barton: Can I speak to your manager? This is like talking to furniture. I came here to talk to your boss. Is that possible? I'm trying to be civil here.

Tomas: Civil? We kidnapped you, rozumiesz? You are our hostage now, rozumiesz to?

Clint Barton: It's a nice place you got here. Not creepy at all.

Tomas: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You kid. I know you kid. So, don't kid, okay? Because it was getting very hard to find place. Now, all the warehouses are being converted into lofts, so how can I get something better? (his friends are telling him to calm down) Come on, bro. But he's criticizing.

(Clint is being kidnapped by the Tracksuit mafia, they put a bag over his head...)

Clint Barton: Guys, I can see through the bag.

Eleanor Bishop: Why don't you start by apologizing to Jack?

Kate Bishop: Sorry for scaring you into telling the truth.

Jack Duquesne: Smart as a whip, this one, huh?

(Clint is in a LARP fight...)

Clint Barton: I'm begging you. Kill me.

(Grills strikes Clint down...)

The crowd of LARPers (chearing and shouting): Finish him! Yes! Yes! Yes! Winner! For Mount Deepdale! Huzzah! Yes! Yes! And now, we burn the corpse! Burn the corpse!

Clint Barton: Again, not really trying to sell anything.

Kate Bishop: But you do, anyway.

Clint Barton: Yeah, okay, Kate. Um, what am I selling, then, huh? It's certainly not Halloween costumes or toys off the shelf.

Kate Bishop: Inspiration, Clint.

Kate Bishop: Your problem is branding. Your whole thing is that you're low-key. It's a very hard brand to sell.

Clint Barton: Well, I'm not really trying to sell anything.

(Kate walks in, holding a frozen pizza box on her forehead...)

Clint Barton: What?

Kate Bishop: Multitasking. Reducing swelling. Thawing out Pizza Dog's breakfast.

Clint Barton: Is that the, uh, dog's name?

Kate Bishop: He doesn't have a name. It's more of a title of nobility. Like Earl of Sandwich.

Clint Barton: Tracksuit Mafia.

Kate Bishop: That's their name? That's a little on the nose, don't you think?

Eleanor Bishop (to Kate): I know young people think they're invincible, and rich people think they're invincible and you've always been both. So take it from someone who hasn't, you're not. You will get hurt. So please, don't go out looking for it.

Kate Bishop: I need to protect us.

Eleanor Bishop: Kate, that's my job. Okay? Whatever you need, I'm here for you.

Kate Bishop: I need a bow and arrow.

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