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The Greatest Showman (2017) Quotes

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Lettie Lutz:

I won't let them break me down to dust

I know that there's a place for us

For we are glorious

Jenny Lind: May I ask you something, Mr. Barnum?

P. T. Barnum: Anything.

Jenny Lind: Why me?

P. T. Barnum: People come to my show for the pleasure of being hoodwinked. Just once, I'd love to give them something real.

Phillip Carlyle: Sir, it looks like you have yourself a junior partner.

P. T. Barnum: What I have is an overcompensated apprentice.

P. T. Barnum:

Now is this really how you like to spend your days?

Whiskey and misery, and parties and plays

Phillip Carlyle:

If I were mixed up with you, I'd be the talk of the town

Disgraced and disowned, another one of the clowns

P. T. Barnum:

But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little

Just let me give you the freedom to dream and it'll

Wake you up and cure your aching

Take your walls and start 'em breaking

Now that's a deal that seems worth taking

But I guess I'll leave that up to you

Phillip Carlyle (to P. T. Barnum):

I think I'm good to go

'Cause I quite enjoy the life you say I'm trapped in

Now I admire you, and that whole show you do

You're onto something, really it's something

But I live among the swells, and we don't pick up peanut shells

I'll have to leave that up to you

P. T. Barnum (to Phillip):

I can cut you free

Out of the drudgery and walls you keep in

So trade that typical for something colorful

And if it's crazy, live a little crazy

Phillip Carlyle: Do you understand that just associating with you could cost me my inheritance?

P. T. Barnum: Oh, it could cost you more than that. You'd be risking everything. But, on the other hand, well, you just might find yourself a free man.

P. T. Barnum: Caroline, you were the best dancer on that stage. What? You think I can't spot talent?

Caroline Barnum: Ballet takes years of hard work. It's not like the circus. You can't just fake it.

Lettie Lutz:

No more living in those shadows

You and me, we know how that goes

Lord of Leeds:

'Cause once you see it, oh you'll never, never be the same


We will be the light that's turning

Bottle up but keep on shining


You can prove there's more to you

P. T. Barnum:

I see it in your eyes

You believe that lie

That you need to hide your face

Afraid to step outside

So you lock the door

But don't you stay that way

P. T. Barnum: You are so talented, blessed... (he sees Lettie's face) Extraordinary. Unique. I would even say beautiful. (People laugh)

Lettie Lutz: Sir. Please leave me alone.

P. T. Barnum: They don't understand, but they will.

Helen Barnum: I think you have too many dead things in your museum, Daddy.

Caroline Barnum: You need something alive. Something sensational.

P. T. Barnum: That's a big word.

Caroline Barnum: It's your word.

Charity Barnum:

However big, however small

Let me be part of it all

Share your dreams with me