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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Quotes

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Ron Weasley: Hang on. That's not possible. Ancient Runes is in the same time as Divination. You have to be in two classes at once.

Hermione Granger: Don't be silly. How could anyone be in two classes at once? "Broaden your minds. Use your Inner Eye to see the future."

Sybill Trelawney: The truth lies buried like a sentence deep within a book, waiting to be read. But first, you must broaden your minds. First, you must look beyond.

Hermione Granger: What a load of rubbish.

Arthur Weasley: When you stopped You-Know-Who... Black lost everything. But to this day, he still remains a faithful servant. And in his mind... you are the only thing that stands in the way... of You-Know-Who returning to power. And that is why... he has escaped from Azkaban. To find you.

Harry Potter: And kill me.

Arthur Weasley: Harry, swear to me that whatever you might hear... you won't go looking for Black.

Harry Potter: Mr. Weasley... why would I go looking for someone who wants to kill me?

Stan Shunpike: "Welcome to the Knight Bus... emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. My name is Stan Shunpike, and I will be your conductor for this evening." What you doing down there?

Harry Potter: I fell over.

Stan Shunpike: What you fall over for?

Harry Potter: I didn't do it on purpose.

Marge Dursley: You mustn't blame yourself about how this one turned out. It's all to do with blood. Bad blood will out. What is it the boy's father did, Petunia?

Petunia Dursley: Nothing. He didn't work. He was unemployed.

Marge Dursley: And a drunk too, no doubt?

Harry Potter: That's a lie.

Marge Dursley: What did you say?

Harry Potter: My dad wasn't a drunk.

(A glass explodes in Marge's hand, she later resumes the topic...)

Marge Dursley: Actually, it's nothing to do with the father. It's all to do with the mother. You see it all the time with dogs. If something's wrong with the bitch, then something's wrong with the pup.

Harry Potter: Shut up! Shut up!

Marge Dursley (raising her finger): Right. Let me tell you...

(Her finger starts to blow up and her body soon follows ending in Marge floating away...)