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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Quotes

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Alastor Moody: Listen to me, Potter. Your pal Diggory? By your age, he could turn a whistle into a watch and have it sing you the time. Miss Delacour? She's as much a fairy princess as I am. As for Krum, his head may be filled with sawdust... but Karkaroff's is not. They'll have a strategy. And you can bet that it will play to Krum's strengths.

Minerva McGonagall: We never use transfiguration as a punishment! Surely Dumbledore told you that.

Alastor Moody: He might've mentioned it.

Draco Malfoy: My father will hear about this!

Alastor Moody: Is that a threat? Is that a threat?! I could tell you stories about your father that would curl even your greasy hair, boy! It doesn't end here!

Alastor Moody: I'll teach you to curse someone when their back is turned! You stinking, cowardly, scummy... back-shooting...

Minerva McGonagall: Professor Moody! What are you doing?

Alastor Moody: Teaching.

Minerva McGonagall: Is that a...? Is that a student?

Alastor Moody: Technically, it's a ferret.

Harry Potter: What's with the flower? Hagrid, have you combed your hair?

Rubeus Hagrid: As a matter of fact, I have. You might like to try the same thing now and again.

Hermione Granger: Ronald would like me to tell you that Seamus told him... that Dean was told by Parvati that Hagrid's looking for you.

Harry Potter: Is that right? Well, you... What?

Hermione Granger: Uh... (Goes back to Ron) Are you sure you won't do this?

Ron Weasley: You do it.

Hermione Granger: Dean was told by Parvati that... Please don't ask me to say it again. Hagrid's looking for you.

Harry Potter: Well, you can tell Ronald...

Hermione Granger: I'm not an owl!

Sirius Black: The Death Eaters at the World Cup, your name rising from that goblet... these are not just coincidences. Hogwarts isn't safe anymore.

Harry Potter: What are you saying?

Sirius Black: I'm saying the devils are inside the walls. Igor Karkaroff? He was a Death Eater. And no one, no one stops being a Death Eater. Then there's Barty Crouch. Heart of stone. Sent his own son to Azkaban.

Harry Potter: You think one of them put my name in the goblet?

Sirius Black: I haven't a clue who put your name in that goblet... but whoever did is no friend to you. People die in this tournament.

Harry Potter: I didn't ask for this to happen, Ron. Okay? You're being stupid.

Ron Weasley: Yeah, that's me. Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's stupid friend.

Harry Potter: I didn't put my name in that cup. I don't want eternal glory. I just wanna be...

Minerva McGonagall: Put an end to it. Don't let Potter compete.

Albus Dumbledore: You heard Barty. The rules are clear.

Minerva McGonagall: Well, the devil with Barty and his rules. And since when did you accommodate the Ministry?

Severus Snape: Headmaster, I, too, find it difficult to believe this mere coincidence. However, if we are to truly discover the meaning of these events... perhaps we should, for the time being... let them unfold.

Minerva McGonagall: What...? Do nothing? Offer him up as bait? Potter is a boy, not a piece of meat.

Alastor Moody: The Goblet of Fire is an exceptionally powerful magical object. Only an exceptionally powerful Confundus Charm could've hoodwinked it. Magic way beyond the talents of a fourth year.

Igor Karkaroff: You seem to have given this a fair bit of thought, Mad-Eye.

Alastor Moody: It was once my job to think as dark wizards do, Karkaroff... perhaps you remember.

Ron Weasley: Eternal glory. Be brilliant, wouldn't it? Three years from now, when we're old enough to be chosen.

Harry Potter: Yeah, rather you than me.

Ron Weasley: There's no one like Krum.

Fred and George: Krum? Dumb Krum?

Ron Weasley: He's like a bird, the way he rides the wind. He's more than an athlete. He's an artist.

Ginny Weasley: I think you're in love, Ron.

Fred and George:

Viktor, I love you

Viktor, I do.

(Harry joins in too..)

When we're apart

My heart beats only for you

Arthur Weasley: Home sweet home.

(Everyone gets into the little tent, Harry goes hesitantly last)

Arthur Weasley: Excellent, excellent. Girls, choose a bunk and unpack. Ron, get out of the kitchen. We're all hungry.

Fred and George: Yeah! Get out of the kitchen, Ron!

Arthur Weasley: Feet off the table!

Fred and George: Feet off the table! (they put their feet off and on again)

(Harry is looking around stunned...)

Harry Potter: I love magic.