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Dagan Gera (to Cal): I feel it! Loss. Suffering! Shame. Anger. There is immense power in such emotions but you were too weak! And now it's too late!

Dagan Gera (to Cal): You're still chained by the past. It will be your grave.

Dagan Gera: Why are you here when your true enemy is out there? (picks up a stormtrooper helmet) How could you let the galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire? You think yourself a survivor but you are a failure!

Cal Kestis: They haven't beaten us. Not yet.

Dagan Gera: Now who is blinded by the past? Within the Abyss the Empire cannot reach us. I will forge these raiders into an elite army led by disciples trained in the Force at my temple. Then when the time is right I will strike out and cleanse this galaxy with fire.

Bode Akuna: We've already got an Emperor.

Dagan Gera: She's gone. Rayvis is gone. The Order is gone and I am free!

Cal Kestis: You're not free, Dagan. You're alone.

Merrin: You are very stubborn. But ambition does not drive you.

Cal Kestis (about Santari and Dagan): Hmm. I just don't understand why she didn't see the change in him before it was too late.

Merrin: They dreamed together, and suffered together. A shared dream is not so easy to wake from. Is that what troubles you? Losing yourself?

Cal Kestis: Yeah. A little.

Merrin: If you ever stray from your path, we will guide you back.

Cal Kestis: You're just superstitious.

Greez Dritus: Oh yeah? You think so, huh? Well, I was right about the Witch planet!

Cal Kestis: It wasn't so bad.

Greez Dritus: Wasn't so bad? There were zombies, Cal! Zombies.

Greez Dritus (singing): You're running from a blaster, better run a little faster, to Pyloon's Saloon. New location Shattered Moon.

Rayvis: Time does not diminish my loyalties. Without a code, you can only serve yourself.

Merrin: Jetpack! Man the guns.

Bode Akuna: Copy that.

Merrin: Oh, and I might need some of your blood. In case I get tired.

Bode Akuna (nervously): Ha.

Bode Akuna: Think you can land?

Greez Dritus: I don't know! The risky part's gonna be taking off again and the last thing I want is to be stuck on this haunted rock!

Bode Akuna: You could always build a second cantina. Franchise.

Greez Dritus: Hey, how 'bout you save the jokes for later, Jetpack?

Bode Akuna (to Dagan): Hey, bacta breath.

Dagan Gera: The past is a chain. I must sever it completely!

Rayvis: The galaxy has changed. There are many wars, but little honor to be won from them.

Dagan Gera: Once we are on Tanalorr, perhaps we can dream up a new war, you and I.

Rayvis (about Cal): He escaped.

Dagan Gera: All those years of incarceration dull your edge?

Rayvis: Sharp enough to see the Jedi might be your equal.

Dagan Gera: Say it again and I'll cut out your tongue.

Rayvis: It'll grow back.

Cere Junda (to Cal): Sometimes the solution to a problem lies in how it's framed. Always consider the situation from multiple angles.

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