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Yennefer: Destiny brought us together. Never lost. Always found.

Yennefer (to Ciri): No matter where you go, we will never be apart.

Geralt: We didn't come this far just to abandom each other.

Yennefer: To us. And a nearly perfect evening.

Geralt: I love you.

Yennefer: That's the first time you've ever said that.

Geralt: It can't be.

Yennefer: You used to think it. But tonight, you actually said it. You can kiss me now. In front of everyone. (they kiss) It's our first night out together. And all I can think about is getting you alone.

Ciri: I shouldn't have left. I'm sorry.

Yennefer: I shouldn't have given you a reason to leave. I'm sorry. Let's never do that again. (Yen hugs Ciri) Jaskier, if you would.

Jaskier: Hmm? Ooh, yes. Uh, yeah, absolutely. Come on, kiddo. Why don't you tell me all about how you slayed the sea monster all on your own whilst Geralt sat around on his arse all afternoon, eh?

Triss: Bringing Ciri here, it's a bad idea.

Yennefer: But Ciri's power is neither good or bad. Her choices will shape her destiny.

Triss: That's not what I meant. It's her blood.

Yennefer: Yes, she's elven. So am I. And do you know when I was most dangerous? When I was desperate. And powerless. And alone. And that will not happen to her. Not as long as I'm around.

Ciri: You told me to never apologize for my power, and yet that's all you seem to do.

Yennefer: You want to be a great leader? You want to change the world? Well, the day-to-day of leading is dealing with a lot of vapid, power-hungry arseholes! I'm not Geralt. This isn't Kaer Morhen. This is the version of myself I have to be here. So you need to find a version of yourself that can deal with that.

Ciri: Trust me, I know you're not Geralt. He would never sell his soul like this.

Tissaia: You want me to help hide a princess whose existence means war?

Yennefer: I want more than that. She's extraordinary.

Tissaia: She's the rightful heir to Cintra and a great deal more, so I'm told. If war is coming, there is no hiding her from it.

Yennefer: Well, then, maybe she can lead us out of it. For all the Brotherhood's faults, they respect magic. She deserves to know what hers is capable of. She deserves control of her destiny. Please. Please help me make this right. For us. For her.

Tissaia: After all this time... After all your searching, you actually did it.

Yennefer: Did what?

Tissaia: Became a mother.

Yennefer: You saved one, and the consequence has likely damned a hundred others in exchange.

Ciri: What is the point in me seeing the future if I can't do anything to change it? Well, why would you understand? You see what you want, you make it happen. You snap your fingers, mountains move. Men bend to your will. How would you know what it's like to fight for control of your life?

Yennefer: I've got her. Whatever you think of me, that's my promise to you.

Geralt: I know you do. Yen, I...

Yennefer: Just say this isn't goodbye for good. That there are more good nights to come. That you will... in whatever form... think of me.

Geralt: That's my promise to you.

Geralt: We're not gonna let anything happen to you, Jaskier.

Yennefer: I saved your arse once. I can do it again, Pankratz.

Jaskier: You didn't save me... She didn't save me. She... She didn't! But seriously though, you are gonna save me, right?

Geralt: Use your knowledge of magic to train the girl. You're the only person who's helped her control her powers.

Yennefer: As if I'd trust anyone else with her.

Geralt: Villentretenmerth told us we were made for each other. Destined for each other. And that nothing would come of it because destiny alone isn't sufficient. Something more is needed. She is something more.

Ciri: I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened.

Yennefer: When you have power like this, never apologize.

Ciri: What was between you and Geralt?

Yennefer: Longing, regret, hope, and fear. I don't think I've omitted anything.

Ciri: So, you love him too.

Yennefer: You two seem to have quite the bond.

Ciri: I mean, he's a grump of the first order, has the social graces of a wild boar, but he's...

Yennefer: He's your protector.

Ciri: He's the father I never had. When I'm with him, I don't feel alone anymore.

Jaskier: It's my job to put myself in other people's shoes. Even if they are, in your case, large, clunky, and, I don't know, probably full of snakes or something. I'm scared too. I'm scared that one day, the muses will stop speaking to me. Because who are we... When we can no longer do the one thing we were put on this Continent to do?

Yennefer: We find a new purpose. A better one. Hopefully.

Jaskier: Hmm. Chaos could never be done with the likes of you, Yennefer of Vengerberg. Of that much, I am certain.

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