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Violet Parr: Tony, this is my mom.

Helen Parr: Pleased to meet you.

Violet Parr: This is my dad.

Bob Parr: Oh, we've met.

Violet Parr: And this is embarrassing...

Dash Parr: Charmed, I'm sure.

Violet Parr: My little brother, Dash. And the baby is Jack-Jack. I tried to limit it to one parent.

Helen Parr: We're all going to a movie, too, Tony. Don't mind us.

Bob Parr: We'll be sitting on the other side of the theater. Not watching you.

Violet Parr: He's kidding. They are only dropping us off at the theater. They have other things to do.

Tony Rydinger: So, you guys are close, I guess.

Violet Parr: Yeah, I guess.

Bob Parr: We can get closer.

Helen Parr: Bob.

(There is shooting sound coming from somewhere close, everyone exchanges looks)

Violet Parr: Stop! Let us out! (gets out of the car with Tony) Here, large popcorn, small soda. Save me a seat, center, about eight rows back. I'll be back before the previews are over.

Tony Rydinger: You look different.

Violet Parr: I feel different. Is different okay?

Tony Rydinger: Hey, different is... Different is great.

(The car stops after crashing/rolling...)

Bob Parr: Is everybody okay back there?

Violet Parr: Super-duper, Dad!

Dash Parr: Let's do that again.

Bob Parr: I'm sorry. This is my fault. I've been a lousy father. Blind to what I have. So obsessed with being undervalued that I undervalued all of you.

(Violet makes a force field but no one but Dash notices)

Dash Parr: Dad?

Helen Parr: Shh. Don't interrupt.

Bob Parr: So caught up in the past that I... You are my greatest adventure. And I almost missed it. I swear, I'm gonna get us out of this safely if I...

Violet Parr: Well... I think Dad has made some excellent progress today but I think it's time we wind down now.

Violet Parr: Mom, what happened on the plane. I'm sorry. I wanted to help. When you asked me to... I'm sorry.

Helen Parr: Shh. It isn't your fault. It wasn't fair for me to suddenly ask so much of you. But things are different now. And doubt is a luxury we can't afford anymore, sweetie. You have more power than you realize. Don't think. And don't worry. If the time comes, you'll know what to do. It's in your blood.

Helen Parr: Now, it's perfectly normal...

Violet Parr: Normal? What do you know about normal? What does anyone in this family know about normal?

Helen Parr: Now, wait a minute, young lady...

Violet Parr: We act normal. I wanna be normal. The only normal one is Jack-Jack, and he's not even toilet trained.

Dash Parr: Lucky. (Violet and Helen give him a look) I meant about being normal.

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