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Victor Salazar: Look, Simon, I trusted you. I thought that what I told you stayed between us, but now I realize this whole time you've been sitting around with your friends, laughing about my stupid, messed up life.

Simon Spier: Well, no. Victor, that's not... That is not what happened, I swear. Look, when you first messaged me, I was touched. Really. But... You know, I was scared, too. I, I know you want me to be this, like, guru who has all the answers, but the truth is, I don't. And I didn't want to push you too hard, or tell you the wrong thing. Or make your life any harder than it already was. And look, like you said in your first message, we're not the same. I never had a girlfriend. But Bram did. And I, I didn't have super religious parents, but Justin did. Every one of my friends had a little bit to offer. A little piece of the puzzle. They weren't sitting around laughing about your life. They were in your corner, listening, and helping, and, and cheering you on.

Victor Salazar: Why would they want to help a complete stranger?

Simon Spier: Because you're not a stranger. You're one of us. To me, that's the best part about all of this. Having a community. A group of friends that gave up an entire weekend to help a kid that they've never met, just because they know that on some level, we've all been through the same thing. Because we're family.

(Victor's Grandpa saw Benji and Derek kissing...)

Armando Salazar: Tito just saw your two friends, the, uh, guys in the band, kissing.

Victor Salazar: Uh... That's because they're... together.

Victor's Grandpa: You need to tell them not to do that here. What if your little brother sees them?

Armando Salazar: Victor, just... please. It's a family party.

Victor Salazar: No! I'm sorry, Papi. I really wanted today to go smoothly, but those are my friends. I'm not gonna tell them not to be who they are if that bothers you. That's your problem. Not theirs, and not mine.

Victor's Grandma:This is how you teach your son to speak to his abuelo?

Isabel Salazar: Yeah. It is. I raised him to be true to himself, and to stand up for the people that he cares about.

Felix Weston: Ms. S., do you make a poster for every one of Victor's games?

Isabel Salazar: Uh‐huh.

Felix Weston: "Salazar" is a "Salastar." Wow. You are a pun wizard, and I'm under your spell.

Isabel Salazar: Thank you, Felix. At least someone appreciates my hardcore fandom.

Victor Salazar: Yeah, hardcore is right. Back in Texas during regional semis, she got ejected from the game for excessive dancing.

Isabel Salazar: Since when is dancing not allowed? We don't live in a Footloose world.

Pilar Salazar: Not everyone enjoys watching you twerk like a geriatric Cardi B.

Victor Salazar (to Mia): I'm basically scared sh*tless of not fitting in here. It's, like how am I supposed to know how to fit in, or who I'm supposed to fit in with, when I have no idea who I am?

Felix Weston: Hey. Now that you're dating Mia, you think you can put in a good word with Lake? I kind of have a thing for her. I've been writing a period romantic novel about us. The year is 1875, and a young sheriff named Felix has just moved in next to a widowed candle maker named Lake. And...

Victor Salazar: No, no, no. Don't spoil it.

Victor Salazar: Dear Simon, you don't know me, but my family just moved to Atlanta, and today was my first day at Creekwood High, and I heard all about you... I'm kind of excited to start over. There just wasn't a lot of room to be different. Screw you for having the world's most perfect, accepting parents. For some of us, it's not that easy. I don't expect you to write me back. Honestly, this message kind of got away from me, and you probably think I'm totally insane. But I just need you to know that you're very lucky, Simon. Sincerely, Victor.

Victor Salazar (about Pilar): It was just a rough first day. She takes a while to get adjusted to new things. Like, like, you remember when Adrian was born? She would call him "the creature." And then three weeks later, he was "her creature." She wouldn't put him down.

Isabel Salazar: You're right. You're right. She just, she needs some time. Thank you.

Felix Weston: Dude, you just made Mia Brooks blush.

Victor Salazar: Okay. So?

Felix Weston: You don't understand. She is the hottest girl in our class. She basically never dates, and you just made her blush. You're blushing, too.

Victor Salazar: No, I'm not.

Felix Weston: Yes, you are. At first, I couldn't tell because of your beautiful cinnamon complexion, but you totally are. You're falling in love! Being your best friend's gonna be a wild ride, isn't it?

Felix Weston: I got a little something for us to keep in touch. (gives him a walkie-talkie)

Victor Salazar: Um, can't we just text?

Felix Weston: Ah. But where's your sense of whimsy?