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Sycorax: I demand to know who you are!

Doctor: I don't know! See, that's the thing, I'm the Doctor but beyond that, I just don't know. I literally do not know who I am. It's all untested. Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy? (winks at Rose) A right old misery? Life and soul? Right-handed, left-handed, a gambler, a fighter, a coward, a traitor, a liar, a nervous wreck? I mean, judging by the evidence, I've certainly got a gob. And how am I gonna react when I see this? A great big threatening button. A great big threatening button which must not be pressed under any circumstances.

Doctor: And you, Rose Tyler, fat lot of good you were. You gave up on me. Oh, that's rude. Is that the sort of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger.

Doctor: We haven't got much time. If there's pilot fish then... Why is there an apple in my dressing gown?

Doctor: I'm having a neural implosion. I need...

Jackie Tyler: What do you need?

Doctor: I need...

Jackie Tyler: Just say. Tell me, tell me. Painkillers? Aspirin?

Doctor: I need...

Jackie Tyler: Codeine? Paracetamol? Oh, I don't know. Pepto-Bismol? Liquid paraffin. Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E!

Doctor: I need...

Jackie Tyler: Is it food? Something simple. Bowl of soup? Nice bowl of soup? Soup and a sandwich? Oh, soup and a little ham sandwich?

Doctor: I need you to shut up.

Jackie Tyler: Oh, he hasn't changed that much.

Doctor: Here we are, then. London, Earth, the solar system, isn't it? Jackie, Mickey, blimey! No, no, no, no. Hold on. Wait there. What was I going to say? There was something I had to tell you. Something important. What was it? No, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Oh! I know. Merry Christmas!

Doctor: Rose, it's me. Honestly, it's me. I was dying. To save my own life I changed my body. Every single cell, but... it's still me.

Rose Tyler: You can't be.

Doctor: Then how could I remember this? Very first word I ever said to you. Trapped in that cellar. Surrounded by shop window dummies.... oh... such a long time ago. I took your hand... I said one word... just one word, I said... "Run".

Rose Tyler: Doctor.

Doctor: Hello. And we never stopped, did we? All across the universe. Running, running, running... One time we had to hop. Do you remember? Hopping for our lives. Yeah? All that hopping? Remember hopping for your life? Yeah?! Hop? With the...

Doctor: Now then... what do I look like? No, no no, no no no no no no no. No. Don't tell me. Let's see... two legs, two arms, two hands... Slight weakness in the dorsal tubercle. Hair! I'm not bald! Oh! Oh... big hair. Sideburns! I've got sideburns! Ooh, really bad skin. Little bit thinner; that's weird. Give me time, I'll get used to it. I... have got... a mole. I can feel it. Between my shoulder blades, there's a mole. That's all right. Love the mole. Go on then, tell me. What do you think?

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