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Katara: The light of crystals? These things are everywhere. On the walls. On the floor. They're pretty random.

Sokka: It's a path.

Katara: It said "love is brightest in the dark," not "glowy rocks."

Sokka: Poetic license. Like the minstrel said, love is the answer. Love is all you need. Love makes the world go round.

Mechanist: There are tunnels, but they're unstable. Those who go in never come out. If you believe the tales, vengeful spirits guard the passages.

Sokka: So not just secret tunnels. Secret haunted tunnels?

Katara: I'm sick of you treating me like I'm a little girl!

Sokka: Then grow up! Where are you going?

Katara: To prove you're a jerk!

Sokka: Oh yeah? Well, I don't need proof for that!

(Sokka is looking at the war fan Suki gave him...)

Katara: So this means you don't wanna go home anymore?

Sokka: And let you guys have all the fun? Besides, someone's gotta help the kid. This could get tough for him. Zuko clearly isn't going to give up, and he's dangerous.

(Suki and Sokka almost kiss...)

Suki: The bell!

Sokka: You hear it too?

Suki: We have to go.

Sokka: Why? What's happening?

Suki: It's the town alarm. Someone's coming.

Sokka: Right, "protector." To be honest, where I'm from, there's not much call for a real warrior.

Suki: I think you're a real warrior.

Sokka: Not like you. You... you're not even a bender, and you're the fiercest fighter I've ever met.

Suki: Not being a bender means we have to be even better than benders. We can't reshape mountains and burn forests, so we have to fight with what we have. What matters is not the power inside. It's the will and desire. The heart.

Suki: So how are you protecting your people if you're here?

Sokka: What? I'm not. I mean, I am. I may... I may not physically be there, but still... That is, I'm... I have to save the world first. Katara, how does it go again? I'm protecting Aang, so I'm protecting the village...

Aang: You wanna join us, Momo?

Sokka: Momo?

Aang: Yeah. He looks like a Momo, doesn't he? Just like how you look like a Sokka.

Katara: Can't argue with that.

Sokka (to Momo): I bet you taste like chicken.

Katara: We have to do something. Sokka, we have to help him. Sokka!

Sokka (to Aydo): Okay, listen up. Reinforce the braces on the gate, and don't fall behind on drills. I saw real sloppiness out there today.

Aydo: Drills?

Sokka: And don't let the younger ones push you around. You gotta let 'em know who's in charge. That's right. You're in charge. (to Katara): Now, let's go save that weird kid.

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