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Liam Dunbar: Coach doesn't want me. I don't know if the team wants me.

Scott McCall: It's not up to them. It's up to you. You have to want this. Because they're gonna keep comin' at you. They're gonna keep knocking you down. And you have to get back up. You have to show them that you can get back up. Leaders don't run.

(Coach does a slow clap as he approches)

Coach Finstock: Now that's what I'm talkin' about, McCall. That's exactly the intensity this team needs. And you, I'm lookin' forward to crushing that little adorable baby face of yours.

Scott McCall: We gotta work on your back shots.

Liam Dunbar: Why?

Scott McCall: Liam. They suck.

Liam Dunbar: What are you talkin' about?

Scott McCall: Your back shots. Which suck. (Liam makes several perfect back shots in a row) I must've been thinkin' of someone else.

Scott McCall: Can you just find it in your heart to trust me on this one?

Allison Argent: Am I gonna regret this?

Scott McCall: Probably. So is that a yes on a second chance?

Allison Argent: Definitely yes.

Scott McCall: You know what actually worries me the most?

Stiles Stilinski: If you say Allison, I'm gonna punch you in the head.

(Melissa gives Scott keys to her car)

Melissa McCall: We don't need to have a talk, do we?

Scott McCall: Mom, I'm not having the safe sex talk with you.

Melissa McCall: Oh, my God. No, I meant about keeping the tank full. Give me those back.

Scott McCall: What are you trying to do? I just made first line. I got a date with a girl who I can't believe wants to go out with me, and everything in my life is somehow perfect. Why are you trying to ruin it?

Stiles Stilinski: I'm trying to help. You're cursed, Scott. You know, and it's not just the moon will cause you to physically change. It also just so happens to be when your bloodlust will be at its peak.

Scott McCall: Bloodlust?

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah, your urge to kill.

Scott McCall: I'm already starting to feel an urge to kill, Stiles.

Stiles Stilinski: You gotta see this thing. I've been up all night reading... websites, books. All this information.

Scott McCall: How much Adderall have you had today?

Stiles Stilinski: A lot.

Stiles Stilinski: I actually think I've heard of this... It's a specific kind of infection.

Scott McCall: Are you serious?

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah. Yeah, I think it's called lycanthropy.

Scott McCall: What's that? Is that bad?

Stiles Stilinski: Oh, yeah, it's the worst. But only once a month.

Scott McCall: Once a month?

Stiles Stilinski: Mm-hmm. On the night of the full moon. (howls)

Stiles Stilinski: Two joggers found a body in the woods.

Scott McCall: A dead body?

Stiles Stilinski: No, a body of water. Yes, dumb-ass, a dead body.

Malia Tate: You okay?

Lydia Martin: I have this feeling that I was supposed to do something.

Scott McCall: Do what?

Lydia Martin: I can't remember.

Stiles Stilinski: Hey, Scott, wait. Um, I, I just, uh... I wanted to say, um...

Scott McCall: Tell me later.

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah, all right.

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